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September 2020 Launch Good goals

With a few days left in the month of September, we have a short period of time to meet this months’s goal.

What is the Launch good campaign?
We are seeking about 300 or more people to help us continue to make a difference in the lives of our community. The best historian of a people, is it’s own people. We CANNOT afford to let our paper go under despite the current climate.
Together we are determined to RISE UP. 

This year we will not be having our annual “A Time To Be Grateful”, we are seeking your support by using the monies you would have used to support the event and make your donation to our Launchgood campaign instead. This campaign will run until December 2020.

We have 5 giving levels:
$25 Friends of Muslim Journal
$30 50 Under 50 This donation of $30 is a part of this campaign that will fulfill the donor’s commitment of $100.
$70 for a yearly subscription to the Muslim Journal and
$30 for the Launchgood campaign. After you’ve made your donation to Launchgood, be sure to go to and sign up for your subscription.
$100 Advocates
$500 Benefactors
$1,000 Honorary
$5,000 Leadership Circle

Make a donation that you are most comfortable with.

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