​Muslim Journal: We Cannot Stop Now!

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You might be asking yourself who and what is the Muslim Journal? Why is it important? And should I give to this cause/organization? Your answers are within this campaign.

We are seeking about 300 or more people to help us continue to make a difference in the lives of our community. The best historian of a people, is it’s own people. We CANNOT afford to let our paper go under despite the current climate. Together we are determined to RISE UP. 

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October 2019, Muslim Journal entered its 45th year of continuous weekly publication, standing upon the legacy of those in the struggle to sustain an informed reading public. The first African American newspapers were the Freedom’s Journal published by editors John B. Russwurm and Samuel E. Cornish in 1827, and the directive newspaper, The North Star, published by the ex-slave and renowned abolitionist Frederick Douglass in 1847.

In this same tradition to advocate and inform from one’s own perspective, Muslim Journal brings forth the mantle passed on by Al Hajji Malcolm X Shabazz, as he represented the Hon. Elijah Muhammad in the creation of the historic Muhammad Speaks newspaper. Now echoing the progressive Muslim American voice established by the late Imam W. Deen Mohammed, son of Elijah Muhammad and mentor to Malcolm, Muslim Journal stands as an independent news gathering and dissemination outlet.

Muslim Journal addresses the misinformation about Muslims, historically, at home and abroad. Its masthead reads: “Bringing humanity together with truth and understanding.” Its working mantra: “Fill the Void” and “See The Full Picture!” As advocated by Imam W. Deen Mohammed, Muslim Journal is a free press uninhibited by government yet operating within the protections of the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights. Imam Mohammed said, “While we have the freedom of choices, always choose the BEST among choices….”

The Muslim population of the U.S. is more accurately projected to be around 12 million; it is a diverse ethnic group representing many national origins – including the indigenous Muslims who have roots going back to the African slave trade and within it the Muslims transported to the Americas throughout that unfortunate era. Muslim Journal pledges to be representative to all Muslims. The Muslim American is a politically active constituency with two of its adherents winning re-elections to the U.S. Congress (albeit with a majority non-Muslim voting population) – first Keith Ellison representing Minnesota and then Andre Carson representing Indiana.

Muslim Journal is a member newspaper in the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA), a network of over 200 African American owned newspapers in the U.S. The NNPA’s target market audience has buying power of $572.1 billion; this coupled with the buying power of 12 million Muslim Americans puts Muslim Journal in the midst of two giant consumer streams.

Muslim Journal is circulated via paid subscribers and a network of vendors in 175 cities and towns throughout the U.S. Its subscribers encompass the Caribbean and countries like Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal and South Africa. They are individuals and institution representatives, embassies, congressional offices, libraries, prison institutions, military institutions and schools.

Muslim Journal celebrates with Muslims and non-Muslims its Annual “A Time To Be Grateful” Awards Dinner within the season of thankfulness and spiritual awareness, a time framed between Thanksgiving and Christmas. After starting in Chicago as host city for its first eight years, the annual celebration moved on to (in reverse order) Washington, D.C. (2017), Kansas City, Mo. (2016), Philadelphia, Penn. (2015), Memphis, Tenn. (2014), Southampton, Bermuda (2013), Atlanta, Ga. (2012), Washington, D.C. (2011), Louisville, Kentucky (2010) and Newark, N.J. (2009). This year, in Houston, Texas, the 15 th Annual celebration bears the theme: “The Inheritors: Embracing our Future.” This celebration had its first keynote Imam W. Deen Mohammed and has honored great legacies, for example the likes of: Muhammad Ali and the Muhammad Ali Center; the pioneering veteran Muslims in Washington, D.C.; the Muslim institutions of learning – Clara Muhammad Elementary and W. Deen Mohammed High School of Atlanta; in Bermuda, the Civil Rights Freedom Riders’ legend Diane Nash; and in Memphis the Civil Rights heroes. Former President Jimmy Carter was asked by one in the audience of “immigrant-based Muslims,” how should they address discrimination. His reply, “Study the African American.” Thus, as Imam Mohammed proclaimed “We cannot stop now.”

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