By Habibullah Saleem (Motivational Education, Consultant and Poet)

(Published in Muslim Journal Vol 47, No 5, October 15, 2021)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – It’s the 50th Anniversary celebrating all the energy and planning it has taken for the school to be where it is today. It should be clear in the minds of those who understand and appreciate what all is required to educate and dedicate our time to the needs of our young future leaders.

Let us not forget there is always going to be some unexpected setbacks, mishaps, or challenges designed to stop us from achieving our goals. There are those who want to prevent or interfere with the purpose and cause of Muslim Believers being successful based upon the teachings of the Holy Qur’an and the life of Prophet Muhammad. 

Here in America, our Muslim Schools are often required to climb many more hills and bumps to get to the top of the mountain. Non-Muslims often times have it much easier for their schools when it comes to financial support. With the stroke of a pen, money is readily available. That’s just how it is.

After 50 struggling years in Nashville, we find our principal, Mohasin Abdullah, and her most supportive husband, Imam Yusuf, still holding firm to the rope of Almighty Allah. They have made education and other activities a major beneficial priority. 

Principal, Mohasin Abdullah

Of course, they have received great assistance from other staff members and support from those whose names are unlimited.

The essence of Sister Clara Muhammad remains the focus in spite of Sheitans’ attempts to stop the seeds of education from being planted and later, harvested. They did it with Sister Clara and they thought they could to it to the leadership and believers here in Nashville. 

However, the staff, and others, withstood the winds of opposition whereby a historical event will soon take place with dignity and integrity etched in Stone. Of course, believers have made many friends outside of our religion who have come to the forefront on numerous occasions on our behalf.

Well, with help coming from both inside and outside, this school will not fail in its purpose. As Imam Warith Deen Mohammed so clearly stated – We Cannot Stop Now! 

With financial assistance and productive volunteers on the scene, we will surely complete the plan and the dream. Big and small donations are needed and requested. It is said by Brother Habibullah Saleem – the best nation in the world is “Donation” with righteous inspiration.

To make this reality a magnificent blessing, come Oct. 22 through 24, we expect great participation from everyone while witnessing a legacy in motion. Be among those at the top of the list for an event you never want to miss. For decades, students have graduated and gone on to do great things that we all can be proud of. 

It is said to be incredible achievers keep turning until your turn comes. They kept turning their full attention to Almighty Allah. Allah gives to the mind that which it strives for. 

So let us be proud of our students and schools and keep striving. Let us be proud of our teachers and parents because passengers will never experience a safe and honorable landing unless both wings in the flight are functioning as a team. We must value even the custodians and cafeteria workers in any school. 

Matter of fact, Allah has made us the custodians of the earth. It’s the custodian who carries with him or her all the keys to every classroom or door. Therefore, with every stride, none are denied! Fifty (50) years with multiple cheers.

Oh Allah, without You we have nothing. You gave us Your Prophet, and we love him dearly as we also thank you for Imam Warith Deen Mohammed.

The agenda for the three days will be Jumah on Friday after we have connected ourselves with our Creator for early morning Fajr Prayer. That same evening will be the singles motivation whereby the desire to meet an honorable mate becomes a serious possibility. 

We seek Allah’s Guidance in all that we do. We approach Saturday with early morning prayer along with breakfast at Masjid Al Islam at 9 AM. 

The day is loaded with workshops starting with educator and most dedicated principal, Baseemah Abdullah of Milwaukee, Wisconsin on “How to Start a School”; “How to Fund your School” by Imam Adam Beyah of Fayetteville, North Carolina; “Accreditation” by Dr. Birthina Nabaa McKinney; and “The Plan of Achievement” by Dr. Hannable Leach of Fisk University. 

It’s a historical occasion including Brother Tarik Pratt and Imam Fahad Muhammad concerning “Effective Administration”.

To conclude Saturday’s schedule is the overwhelming nutritional 50th Anniversary Dinner where food for the mind and stomach will be second to none. The keynote speaker will be Principal Imam Nadir Ahmad of Detroit, Michigan. 

Once we’ve digested the jewels of pure honor we move into Sunday with the Sun at its peak starting with Taleem, featuring Imam Joel Saahir of Winston Salem, North Carolina.

To seal the treasures of knowledge and information of present and future value, will be Imam Yusuf Abdullah and his wife, Mahasin. For more details, do not hesitate to call (615) 485-3488

The Creator is Greater ~ He’s the Human’s Elevator!

(SPECIAL NOTE: Please prepare yourself to enjoy Cultural Night with some enlightening entertainment and dynamic poetry by Bro. Habibullah Saleem – 57 years in our Community as an Educator, Author, Journalist, Poet and Consultant. For those unable to attend, your financial support will help us continue to win by defending our educational trend. W.O.W. ~ Worthy of Winning! PEACE.)

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