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Loving and Beloved, Embracing the Young and the Elders

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BROOKLYN, N.Y. – The national Muslim Ummah (communities) have joined in expressing condolences to the family of Sis. Umilta Al-Uqdah, who has been embraced as “Mother of the Ummah.” Sis. Umilta passed on Wed., Dec. 16, 2020. 

Sis Umilta’s Janazah will be live-streamed on the Facebook page of Masjid Abdul Muhsi Khalifah and Masjid Al Inshirah. Her daughter, Sis. Anika wrote, “In her final moments, Mommy was surrounded by those she loved most.”

Her husband Bro. Saleem Al Uqdah and Sis. Umilta are originally from Trinidad-and-Tobago and are members of Masjid Abdul Muhsi Khalifah in Brooklyn. They are frequently in attendance at community events across the country, in welcoming the children of the communities and joining the elders. They are recognizable from coast-to-coast.

May her children – Anika Sabree, Naimah Al-Uqdah-Muhammad and Umar Al-Uqdah – find comfort in the reality that their mother is “Ummi” to many, much loved, sought out to seal the moments with selfies.

Sis. Ummie A.M., on the family post, said: “She recognized me in Richmond at the last MWU Sisters’ Conference, because I look like my mother Malikah (Rahimullah). We talked and hugged. 

“She broke down after learning my umm had returned to Allah. I will remember her as a beautiful, supportive and well informed Muslimah, always ready to share of herself. Your family is in my family’s dua’s.” 

Sis. Veronica Ahmad stated, “It’s a saying but it’s true…, you remember people by how they made you feel. Our Community Aunty will never be forgotten because she made me feel welcome whenever I saw her! Such a beautiful soul. 

“Sister Umilta, my sister in faith…, May Allah (SWT) forgive her faults, reward her for her many good deeds, grant her the highest level of paradise and make it easy upon her family.”

Hajjah Naimah Abdullah wrote, “My heart is so heavy. Momma Umilta was one of the first women who embraced me like a mother in our national community…. I remember her gifting me a purple African pantsuit with gold embroidery, one of my first gifts from another mother. 

“Momma Umilta, praying for you that Allah forgives your sins and grants you the highest paradise. Sending prayers and loves to one of my closest friends Anika Sabree, Naimah Aluqdah-Muhammad and Umar Al-Uqdah and sending daddy love too.”

Sis. Aminah Knight-Abdullah wrote, “I’m so sorry for your loss! I loved your mom so much, and she was soooo loving and extra sweet to me always. I pray Allah fills your heart with beautiful reminders of her and His love and mercy.

Sis. Anju Tariq stated, “My Beautiful and Graceful Friend, you will be missed so much. You were beautiful inside out. I thank Allah that we got to spend that quality time together (on a recent trip). Pray Allah that He blesses her and forgives her shortcomings and grant Sis. Umilta  ‘Paradise.’”

Sis. Malika Muhammad wrote, “Sista Umilta, you will be truly missed. We always met up while we were traveling somewhere in this amazing world.” Sis. Malika posted her picture with Sis. Umilta at one of Muslim Journal’s A Time To Be Grateful events.

Malikah Abeo said, “Sis. Umilta and Bro. Saleem welcomed me into their home when the apartment I was living in abruptly ended my lease. They took me in and Sis. Umilta treated me as if I were her fourth child. I am forever grateful for her generosity and the space she filled as Mommy #2.

“She was truly a pillar in not only the Brooklyn community but the Imam W. Deen Mohammed community. May Allah make her grave spacious and grant her the highest station in Jannah. Ameen.”

Bahiya Hafeez-Muhammad also grew up in Brooklyn as a “little sister”; she wrote: “My heart is so so so heavy. Sis. Umilta Al-Uqdah, or as I called her ‘Marmy,’ opened her home to me countless times. She truly treated me as her own daughter, one of the biggest hearts, sincere, strong in faith.

“She was truly a part and contributed to the woman, wife and mother I’ve become. She was present in almost every moment of my life, and I gained two lifelong sisters. May the Creator forgive her shortcomings and grant her the Highest Station in Paradise.”

Sis. Shahidah Sharif posted, “I keep typing words but nothing right now will suffice the loss of a community mother, aunty and friend. My prayers are with my childhood family, Anika Sabree, Naimah Aluqdah-Muhammad, Umar Al-Uqdah and dad. I love you guys dearly and am praying with you and for you. 

“Truly to Allah we belong and to Allah we are always returning.”

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  1. Lovely article adds and a beautiful soul that has returned to our creator Allah (swt). Allahuakbar and Alhumdulilah, may Allah grant her paradise and make it easy for her family left behind, ameen.

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