By Imam Abdul Kareem Muhammad, Masjid Al-Haqq

687 Springfield Ave., Newark, NJ 07103

Phase VI

NATIONAL – The Muslims of this association belonging to the legacy that stated Muhammad Speaks and sustained it through its successor Muslim Journal – from 1961 to 2021, you are the target of this missive.

“We” should all be calling Muslim Journal out of concern, asking, “How can we support?” That is sensitivity. We can support Muslim Journal by furthering its Subscriptions, Vendors, ADs, and Sponsors Campaign Drive. 

We are also having a Muslim Journal Concert, Insha’ Allah, to raise funds. See the advertisement on page 13 for details.

“We have to keep on pushing, we can’t stop now! Move up a little higher, somehow, someway, because we have our pride…., keep on pushing!”

Allah has given us all the keys we need in the Qur’an and in ourselves. The answer and solution are within us. Have you ever been looking for your glasses, and they were on your head?

We teach on the Four Birds: Education, Business, Culture, and Government. Muslim Journal is a Business. Why wouldn’t all Muslims be supporting Muslim Journal? Do we think it is all about an individual or about us? It is not about us; it is about the Vision and the Mission!

Do we want to be the leader? Allah, The Qur’an, and Prophet Muhammed is the Leader, Khalas. And it’s finished. Managing Editor Ayesha K. Mustafaa has informed us that Muslim Journal must transition out from “save the journal mode” and into the full impact of Celebrating 60 Years of Muslim American Excellence in Journalism

The Editor is 100 percent right. So we are telling you, if you love Muslim Journal, don’t use the word “save” anymore when referring to this legacy; for sure “our enemies” will use that against us.

A Muslim Brother Pioneer told us years ago, that Muslims don’t know our own power. That is our unity. We know our enemy is sad. Allah is blessing us with progress to revive Muslim Journal with a renewed spirit and commitment. With great growth and momentum to be announced very soon.  Allahu Akbar!

Allah says in the Qur’an, “Let there rise from amoung you a group of people inviting to all that is good and beneficial”: why can’t that be us? Allah is asking that a special group evolve from “the group” or people. I’m not spooky, and we know that phrase. Allah blesses whomsoever He pleases, Alhamdulillah!

Masjid Al-Haqq, Clara Muhammad School, and my family are proud supporters of Muslim Journal. That is our spirit, and you can’t take that away. Editor Mustafaa reminded us that “we haven’t been relieved from our posts.” 

So some will say, “Oh Brother, that’s First Resurrection!” Imam Mohammed used to say to us, “Take the best thereof.” That is a Spirit with Saving Power! No, that is not First Resurrection, that is reality, good and common sense. Please follow the logic to its logical/correct conclusion. Please wake up to our human potential.

What we have discovered: We have thrown the baby out with the bath water. Many of the values and principles we were taught are consistent with Qur’an and Sunnah. One example, Do For Self! Some Watch, Some Pray! You must have security.

May I share this with you…: Imam W. Deen Mohammed, RAA, looking directly into my eyes, asked me to help him. Now Muslim Journal only will survive on support from the Masajid and Business Vendors as its main sources of income, as it should be. This is YOUR Legacy. Restore the LEGS to YOUR Legacy.

We need to reach a minimum of 20,000 newspapers in weekly circulation to sustain a successful Muslim Journal, to make it profitable and positioned for more growth. And that for a NATION of BELIEVERS who stand on the history of the NOI/IWDM should be a bare minimum.

Those are the facts. And when you know better, you do better. Allahu Akbar! Don’t be deceived into thinking “we can’t do that!” Muhammad Speaks’ peak was 800,000 copies per week. We are going to break that record! Starting in the region that sold the most Muhammad Speaks. We are going to make Muslim Journal the number one African American nationally distributed newspaper in this country! Allahu Akbar! 

We can do it if we stop being dismissive of each other. Support Muslim Journal. Some of us have all these ideas on how to support Muslim Journal. For example: Just do an online publication or publish once a month, etc., etc., etc. 

If we are not supporting now, what makes you think we will believe you will support in the future? We are optimistic, and all options are on the table. But still, let us make Muslim Journal stronger now than ever.

We are sincerely blessed as a community and as a people to have such a loyal and dedicated staff at Muslim Journal. We were reflecting, how many of us honestly would stay on a job not knowing if you will get paid to support your family? Think about that. 

How can we justify our non-support of Muslim Journal? Remember, there are five ways to help build up Muslim Journal: 1) Subscriptions, 2) Become Sales Vendors, 3) Purchase ADs, 4) Become a Dawah Sponsor, and 5) Come enjoy the June 11 Concert. 
Please join the Muslim Journal Committee Meeting every Sunday, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST. Call in 1-605-475-4000 PIN 302268#. Please contact me if there are any questions or concerns; email or call 973-373-0344.

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  1. Martha Nailah Abdullah, executive director of Community Wide Shuraa C0nference, Inc. local member of The Tampa Bay Area Muslim Association, The Interfaith Tampa Bay, and Florida Conference of Muslim Americans which is a part of The Conveners of the Southern Section. I’m sharing that to indicate the connection, communication and collaboration that is necessary to have interest, be informed, and be instrumental in order to implement any want or need. We need and want the Muslim Journal and the positive influence of its content as well as the overall reflection of community beyond land and other material things. We support Muslim Journal and will increase our support through the intelligentsia collectively, beginning with the strength and fortitude of the dedicated Hosts of American Muslim 360, the flagship intelligentsia partner of Community Wide Shuraa Conference, Inc. Efforts are being implemented for a strategic planning session in September 14 – 19, 2022, for Fifty Year Human Family Planning, including legacies and destinies. to be continued. inshaa Allah.

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