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ATLANTA, Ga. – Taqiyy Saleem, a 2002 graduate of W. Deen Mohammed High School of Atlanta, is a founding member and lead of the HSG with over 19 years of Real Estate experience. 

Prior to this initiative, Taqiyy was a founding partner at Saleem and Co., where he built a successful, vertically integrated urban real estate investment firm with development, construction, brokerage, and management capabilities. 

During his real estate career, Taqiyy has raised capital, acquired both land and distressed property and (re)developed company sponsored and third-party projects consisting of over 2,500 units of housing and several small office/retail sites throughout metro Atlanta. 

Taqiyy leads a group of African American investors in this new venture located in West Africa, in the heart of Medina Baye, Senegal (

For many years, the location of Medina Baye has been a spiritual hub for Muslims around the world to visit and gain the spiritual healing for which they were in search. This beautiful property. A 25-room hotel is where guests can expect a focus on wellness and health throughout the property. 

The residence features a salt pool, steam room, and sauna for guests to enjoy. The range of offerings is unparalleled, including spiritual immersion with various teachers and scholars, excursions through rural Senegal, and everything in between. 

When asked why this investment was important, Bro. Taqiyy stated, “It’s time that we look to invest on the continent. There is a healing for us here. And because it’s the most resourceful place on the planet, it is the best place for our investments.” 

Some of Taqiyy’s highlights:

• Graduated from Imam W. Deen Mohammed High School of Atlanta in 2002 with honors; 

• Served on the governing board for the Atlanta Masjid Majlis for two years;

• Landowner in and around the Atlanta Masjid; 

• Currently serves on the Atlanta Masjid redevelopment committee; 

• Committed to the revitalization of the Atlanta Masjid and surrounding area; 

• Offers free support and consultation to community members facing tough real estate choices, helping to empower them with knowledge and capital if necessary; and 

• Does youth mentoring with youth interested in Real Estate.

Taqiyy is called “a superstar” among developers; he is a product of the Community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed. He and his team are looking for fellow investors. If you’re interested, call 404-391-4188 or email

See the advertisement on page 27 in this issue. Also visit the website:

A poem….



By Basheer Jones

I found myself in Gambia. 
A less stressed and more blessed. 
Maybe you would think I’m not correct 
because my ego you want to protect 
but I’m telling you I found myself. 
Pre toby. 
I saw myself without the stress of being black, 

without police attacks. 
I smiled more. 
Hungrier yes but sometimes it’s a blessing 

for your stomach not to be full, 
no bull, a spiritual pull. 
The gravity grabbed me and pulled me to kiss the earth

as I spoke to the one who created it. 
I said, “You look just like my auntie.”  
She replied, “I am your auntie.” And meant it.

 Myself told me welcome home. 
When my feet touched the ground, 

the energy wasn’t foreign. 
Oh, this is how it feels to 

be on the other side of the Atlantic, 
cops ride pass, no need to panic. 
No need to be frantic 
you’ll make it home after this encounter. 
I’ve been to Africa before, but this visit was different. 
In other places I was awed by monuments 
but here the monuments are the people, 
the hieroglyphics are etched into 

the spirits of these people. 
My people. My aunties and them. 
They pass down stories like heirlooms. 

Generational wealth is the culture that is passed down. 
These people are rich. 
They are my people. Kunta and them. 
Seems like the world has forgotten them, but we can’t. 
Because if we do, we forget ourselves.  
We lose our wealth. 
She said: I am your auntie. 
And she’s correct.

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