ATLANTA, Ga. – Atlanta’s WD Mohammed High School (WDMHS) class of 1993 Alumna Serena Gloria Muhammad has always had a passion for science. 

From the time she was a little girl, she loved everything related to nature and spent as much time outdoors as possible. 

Now, through her science education company, Science Creations, she is able to share her love for science with the next generation.

The daughter of the late community pioneers, Dr. Abdul Baqee Wilson-Muhammad and Sis. Gloria Saleem Muhammad (may Allah be pleased with them both), Serena was born in Newark, N.J., the same year that the community transitioned to Universal Islam. 

Serena attended Clara Muhammad School in Newark until 2nd grade before her family moved to Atlanta.

A member of the 2nd graduating class of WDMHS in Atlanta, Georgia, her company was inspired by the vision of Imam WD Mohammed (may Allah be pleased with him) for the youth to learn through the study of Allah’s Creation. 

She later received her Bachelor’s degree from Georgia State University and worked extensively teaching science in public and private schools around Atlanta. 

Her work as a science teacher informed her vision and methods when she decided to start her educational company.

Science Creations LLC, established in 2006, is a hands-on minds-on “edu-tainment” company that teaches children to understand, respect, and love the creation of Allah. 

The company focuses on S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) area subjects and seeks to foster a life-long love and appreciation for these subjects in young minds. 

Serena is known as Dr. SBSWICTS (Silly But Serious When It Comes To Science).

Science Creations’ Mission Statement is: “To bring a new level of excellence to the teaching of S.T.E.A.M. subjects using innovative methods and concepts to help children compete on a global scale. 

“Through these methods, we hope to develop in our students a life-long love and appreciation for nature and the environment and an understanding of how science is involved in their everyday lives. 

“We believe that a strong relationship with science from an early age enables individuals to utilize it throughout their lives to find peace and tranquillity in its beauty, raise new questions from a standpoint of wonder, and develop new ideas. 

“Ultimately, we hope to encourage the next generation to find solutions to today’s problems and develop a better tomorrow, not only for themselves but for generations to come. 

The company employs and trains college students from different Atlanta-area colleges and universities to teach K-5th grade students in the areas of Chemistry, Anatomy, Insects, Simple Machines, Soap Making and more. 

A full list of workshop subjects can be found on their website

Science Creations deploys its scientists to lead hands-on and engaging in-school workshops, after-school programs, STEAM science shows, festival science booths, summer camp shows, and birthday parties. 

Science Creations’ newest project, launched in 2020, is offering STEAM Education Kits that can be used in the classroom by science teachers, at after-school programs and summer camps, or at home by parents for home-school lessons or extracurricular fun. 

The kits are targeted for K-5th grade students and include lesson plans and all supplies needed for at least five hands-on projects in each kit. 

Five kits are now featured on for purchasing: Chemistry, Insects, Electricity, Colors, and Rocks & Minerals. 

Five additional subjects – Animals, Life Cycles, Plants, Weather, and Green Energy – can be found via the Science Creations website.

Science Creations is a certified vendor for both Dekalb County and Atlanta Public Schools.

For more information, you can check them out on Facebook and Instagram (@ScienceCreations), visit their website (, or e-mail them at

Birthday Parties and Shows can be booked by calling 404-863-7080. Science Creations’ STEAM Education Kits can be ordered on or via their website.

Through Science Creations, Serena prays to continue to foster a love for Allah’s creation and to inspire the next generations of scientists for years to come!

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