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By Shantanu Wadhi of Pinned Reads

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney.

“Red Tulip,” a standalone read was incredibly powerful and blew me away with how personal, daring and satisfying the contents were. The story is a charming novel of hope, love and wisdom that appeals to our very hearts. 

I am extremely captivated by the writing and I am addicted to the storyline intrigued by all the amazing characters.

A sample: Nadeera was a young girl who was extremely passionate about playing basketball. She had natural talent as her mother was a professional WNBA player. Even though basketball was in her blood, Nadeera was denied to playing.

Her mother had lost her life due to a heart attack on a basketball court, which made Nadeera’s father grow angry and disheartened towards the game. He feared that he might lose his daughter the same way and hence made every effort to avoid her playing.

Despite all of this, she kept up the hope and went on practicing. Nadeera also was chosen to be on a team, Ladies of Faith, to play in a local tournament. During the practices, she had to face incidents of discrimination by being a Muslim. But ignoring those things, she kept on practicing and playing matches.

As everything was going fine, she had to face an unexpected complication. Her team uniform had been found by her dad. She was caught. From then onwards, her father kept a close watch on her.

It was the day of the tournament finals; it was the day her team needed her the most. Also, it was her brother’s wedding day. Now she was in a rather difficult dilemma. Will she gather, the courage to go against her fear to work for her dream? Will her father forgive her for doing so?

Find out those answers in this extremely gripping read, which will surely leave make to feel good and happy. A MUST READ BOOK!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rasheed Hafeez, an African American male who started a small company in 2007 called Righteous Minds Entertainment (RME), ventured off on his own and wanted to develop a program that promoted and stood for morality in television programming. 

Righteous Minds Entertainment converts audio and VHS tapes to DVD or CD, records live events and have a studio for you to perform in as well. Hafeez started a TV show in 2014 to assist entrepreneurs to promote themselves and go viral via his talk show and cable TV show, The Showkase.

The Showkase is a show put together to help musicians, independent artist, and small businesses. The Showkase is aired Thursdays at 6:30 pm on Time Warner – 39, Cablevision: 67, RCN: 82, Verizon Fios: 42 and all social media, such as Facebook and YouTube. 

Hafeez says, “I started my love for media at Al-Islam in America Radio Show in New York City.  As I learned how to host, direct and work the boards, I also learned the importance of Islamic media. 

“I then transitioned to run a DVD magazine called Barakatz, which not only gave insight on how Muslim Americans lived but also the African American experience across the USA. I continued on developing Islamic programming and focusing on promoting Islamically inspired music on the Islamic showcase, which became a mix\tape and weekly web tv show.”

In January of 2016, Hafeez suffered a heart attack and stroke at the same time. Two years later in 2018, by the grace of G-d, he was back walking and talking, with a mechanical valve similar to a pacemaker in the heart. 

“I plan on continuing my work as I look to developing more books and activity books about Islam and yearly concert featuring Muslim artists and start my web series up again,” Hafeez said.

Rasheed Hafeez of Righteous Minds Entertainment (RME) is the son of Bismillah Abdul Hafeez and grandson of Humza Al-Hafeez (first African American Muslim police officer in the New York Police Department). 

Rasheed’s other publications include Barakatz DVD Magazine and Muslim City Children Activity Book that he co-authored with his wife. He and his wife Habibah have four children. Rasheed can be reached at 646-210-2982 or via righteousminds1@gmail.com; visit www.therighteousminds.com and www.Facebook.com/RIGHTEOUSMINDSENTERTAINMENT.

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