As we approach the Blessed Month of Ramadan this first year into the third decade of 2000, the year 2020, you may be feeling some apprehension or serenity. It depends on your previous or lack of experience in fasting. 

Some can’t wait because they know they will have to exercise self-discipline that will bring them into alignment with the natural “nature of balance.” Some know they will not be able to participate in the fast because of health reasons or some other mitigating circumstance. 

Nevertheless, the fast is coming and Allah, Insha Allah, will bless us all for our efforts whatever our circumstances are. I also want to make you mindful of the fact this will be a great time to build better health if you have the desire. 

Whether you can keep the fast or not, you can take this month and make some great choices that will enrich your fast by thinking and doing some good work toward your health. 

Every year, Connie and I use the Soohur (morning) meal to feed our bodies clean-burning healthy nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, essential oils, complex carbohydrates and amino acids in the form of a shake to start the day. 

Then we pray and read the Juz (1/30) of the Qur’an for that day. After 30 days of this, the Soul, Mind and Body are much healthier than before the fast commenced. 

This is a great way to preserve your health and build better health. Use the discipline of the fast to totally realign your health. Just the shake for Soohur. You won’t be any hungrier than eating a meal that is not as nutritious. 

This year, I recommend Transformations and Juice Plus’s Product lines. These are enzymes, proteins and polysaccharides that build better health in your body and will also strengthen your mind. If they are in capsules, you may open them and pour them into the shake or take it as a capsule. 

You can use these in addition to your regular meal also.  The main thing is to put the nutrient into the body. You can order these products at my website or call my office (336) 852-3040. 

If you have any questions, please call. Have a Blessed Ramadan – it is on the way!

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