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With G-d’s Name, The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer

By Imam Darnel Karim

Muslim American Pioneer

G-d is Merciful to us,  twice,  for our life here and Hereafter.

Firstly, He is Merciful to us by creating us in such a wonderful human form and creating us with a mind and intellect to enjoy the material world both with our bodies and with our minds or our material life and our spiritual life. 

Then He is Merciful to us again, when we lose the way and can’t see any further how to carry our life where we want to go. He gives us revelation or guidance through one who deserves that special help from G-d, Our Creator, and we are put into a good position again to start fresh with our life and to carry it where our Souls want it to go, where G-d wants it to go.

Dear Muslims, we are living in a world full of troubling times. We are living in a world where hope and aspirations are hardly realized. There is a huge amount of pressure as people are facing various disappointments. 

As believers, also we sometimes become disappointed because we are of that same human nature, we live in the same world and we face some of the same challenges. 

At such times like these arises a need for Prayer of encouragement and strength for myself, as well as prayer for strength for our community as we are all one family.

Let us pray and say these prayers for each other: Oh Allah,  I can’t  manage  this life without Yo., Please make of my life what You want it to be, what You prefer it to be. Do not allow me to act on my own; help me to act only in obedience to You. Oh Allah, we hear and we obey. Forgive us, we are asking for Your Forgiveness.

“Oh Allah, make me healthy in my body. Oh Allah, preserve for me my sight. There is none worthy of worship besides You. Oh Allah, help me quiet my Soul. Bring peace to me.  Free me of my anxiety, of fears. Free me of my weaknesses, so I will be more presentable to You.” Ameen.

G-d says in the Qur’an: ‘’When My Servants call on Me, tell them I am Near.” G-d tells us that He is in control at all times and that He has subjected the heavens and the earth to aid us.

If G-d can plant a Seed in the ground and bring it to Life, what makes us think that He can’t bring you “Back to Good Health”? 

When we all came into the world, we all were placed in the Nursery and we all cried together. We all hurt together. So G-d made us all One Group Soul. Let us continue to hurt together and pray together for Healing and Guidance for us all. Ameen.

~ Imam Darnell Karim

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