Progressive Leadership Legacy Association Features its 

10th Anniversary Recognition Banquet in 2-DVD Package 

By Clyde Akbar

CHICAGO, Ill. – The Progressive Leadership Legacy Association (PLLA) was formed 10 years ago by the security staff assigned to secure the leader of “Human Salvation,” Imam W. D. Mohammed.

The goal of PLLA is to keep the leadership legacy of Imam W.D. Mohammed and his father the Hon Elijah Muhammad in the consciousness of the community. Its 10th Anniversary Program featured:

1) A panel discussion on the concept of the Four Birds – representing Government, Business, Education and Culture; and 2) insights on the theme by the two keynote speakers. Allah (SWT) blessed this event beyond expectations with a panel representing two generations of this Muslim community: our Muslim American Pioneers and our young adults. 

The first keynote speaker, Sis. Khadijah Siddeeq-Mohammed, wife of the late honorable African American Muslim leader Imam W.D. Mohammed and one of his specially tutored students, expressed her current focus to connect the next generation of the community of Imam Mohammed. 

She shared from her youthful upbringing through her life with Imam W.D. Mohammed, up to her maturation 10 years after his passing. Her presentation gave a sobering evaluation of the current emphasis to transfer the leadership of the community of Imam W.D Mohammed to the “Next Generation.”

She cautioned, warned and wisely advised if this transfer of the “Baton of Leadership”  is not initiated with due diligence, the BATON COULD BE DROPPED. This was truly a profound observation! 

Sis. Khadijah also addressed the concept of citizenship: Citizenship unifies the responsibility upon the whole of the community – both young and old.

The second keynote speaker was Sis. Aneesah R.W. Dawan, second-generation Muslimah, who has a focus on the Arabic language. Her earlier Islamic and Arabic education came from various Imams and teachers in the U.S. under the leadership of Imam W.D. Mohammed.

Sis. Aneesah especially noted Imam Qasim Ahmed among her teachers. Besides her varied academic accomplishments, she described as one of her initiatives to provide a clear and sound understanding of the Qur’an and life of Prophet Muhammed (SAW), while stressing the importance of the feminine voice to the benefit of humanity. 

Her presentation, with beautiful Qur’anic recitation, summarized and gave clarity to the program with insights from the Qur’an and with reflections from the feminine voice. 


You will not want to be without this significant 2-disk DVD. To purchase, contact Dan Ramza at 312-342-9394, or Clyde Akbar 312 296-7433. The price for the 2-disk DVD set is $25, plus shipping and handling fee of $4.99 to be added. Or purchase through CashApp @ $7717Dan

Make your check or money payable to PROGRESSIVE LEADERSHIP LEGACY ASSOCIATION or PLLA. Mail to: PLLA, C/O Dan Williams Ramza, 7717 S. Ridgeland Ave., Chicago, IL 60649

PLLA is a 501c3 organization. We are grateful for your support! Also see this DVD advertisement on the back page of the Muslim Journal issues of April 17 and April 24, 2020.

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