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(Published in Muslim Journal Vol 47, No 5, October 15, 2021)

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Munir Gadson is an entrepreneur, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Big Fish by Ticket Fishing.

Munir Gadson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Big Fish by Ticket Fishing.

Munir was born and raised in the Black Mecca of the World, in Harlem, New York City. Growing up in Harlem in the late 1980s and 1990s, Munir had been afforded many opportunities to see cultured Black events – from Black theatre in Harlem to the J’Ouvert and West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn, New York, where events were endless. 

In 1986, Muhammad Ali visited Sis. Clara Muhammad School at Malcolm Shabazz Masjid on 116 Street, Harlem, N.Y.

At a young age, Munir knew that having access to certain places would give Black people an advantage and help to broaden horizons. He attended Sis. Clara Muhammad School in Harlem, where his mom was his teacher. He holds a Master of Business Administration Degree from Strayer University in Charlotte, N.C. 

In 2020, Munir realized it was the perfect time to bring his ideas to fruition. Seeing many of his peers become entrepreneurs, he wanted to develop a system for individuals working within the entertainment and hospitality industries. 

And during the COVID-19 pandemic, Munir established Big Fish by Ticket Fishing, a third-party ticket management platform to discover the world of entertainment events for African American culture by African American culture. 

Not only can an individual discover events, but one can also set up their own ticketed events – from community events, concert tickets to sports events, vacation getaways and online virtual events.

“There is a way to everything, and that way is through a ticket by Big Fish by Ticket Fishing!” Munir explains.

Mom, Shelley Shabazz

Additionally, Munir established a nonprofit organization, called Shelley Shabazz ‘We All We Got’ Basketball Tournament, named in honor of his late mother, who was a songwriter and performer. 

“The national Muslim audience may remember her for the first time she performed at the Muslim Convention’s Open Mike in ’05,” Munir says.

Sis. Shelley Shabazz’s music can be found on streaming platforms: Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Pandora, TikTok, YouTube and DeezerTo set up your ticketed event, go to And contact Munir by email at and @Ticketfishing on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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