MILWAUKEE, Wisc. – Clara Mohammed School, Inc., Milwaukee is celebrating her 48th year, and we are thankful to Allah, Alhamdulillah, for His many blessings.

This small correspondence is to show gratitude to a “small band” of believers who continue to support the Clara Mohammed School efforts around this country.

While the Praise is for our Creator, Subhana wa’ta ‘Ala, we must also show appreciation for those of us in the forefront of every effort. 

100@$50, a group supporting full-time Clara Mohammed Schools, have been working tirelessly to provide open financial support for all of our schools. 

To their credit, our school has benefited greatly from this project.

Every eight months, we receive donations from believers all over the country and it does our hearts good to see others take our work seriously. 

I am certain other schools feel as I do that this is one of the greatest gifts we receive. 

As a practice, we have begun sending a “Donors Update” newsletter twice per year to our donors. Insha’Allah, our intent is to also place that update on our website.

In the newsletter, we thank our donors and shine the light on projects that the donations have helped to fund.

We also use that space to mention other projects we would like to fund such as:

  • Purchasing better quality carpeting for prayers; we do not have a dedicated Musallah on campus; rather we have a multipurpose room where we roll out carpeting for prayers.
  • We’d like to create and print our own Arabic and Islamic studies materials which include Imam’s language and commentary and pictures that depict our children. 
  • As with regular textbooks; often our children do not get to see themselves in a positive light.
  • We would still like to expand and purchase a ‘real’ school building that could house all of our students, real meaning it would have a gym and an auditorium for more hands-on activities and programs.

Currently, we use our donations to expand our field trips for students. 

Most of our students are from low-income families and to purchase tickets for a concert or to take a large group to nice restaurants is expensive, but we wish to have students exposed to as many experiences as possible.

We contract with a culinary arts program for elementary and middle school students. 

Presently, we have been able to afford one grade in elementary and one in middle. 

Eventually, we would like to include high school.

It is a basic 8-week program where students learn about healthy eating and to cook tasty and healthy foods for themselves and their families.

We would also like to provide music and art programming but lack the space or funds. Additionally, finding Islamic artists is difficult.

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  1. As Salaam Alaikum,
    We pray Allah, Al hamdu lillah continue to bless the believers for all that is good for our children, our future.
    Brother Muhammad Sharif

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