A Salute to Muslim American Sisters in Uniform

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PROFILE: NAVY (RETIRED) a Disabled American Veteran (DAV) and a Vice Commander MAVA Post 1, is a Muslim American Muslimah in association with the community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed, we salute Lt. Cdr R. Ayesha Muhammad.

Sis. Ayesha is an Honor Graduate of South Ayden High School, North Carolina; graduate North Carolina A&T State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Work; graduate Assistantship Western Michigan University in Multimedia and Mass Communications; and has a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Development from Webster University. She is certified in Domestic and Substance Abuse;

Her other graduate studies were at Marymount University, and she has a Certificate of Training in the Intensive Islamic Shari’ah Program from the Imam Mohammed Ibn Saud Islamic University, certified in Military Justice and Standards of Conduct.

She has served as Public Relations Director for the Northeast Regional Council of Imam, helping develop Masajid in many states and Islamic programs on many military bases stateside and overseas, as a student of late Imam W. Deen Mohammed. 

She is a licensed underwriter with Equitable Life Insurance Company and CUNY Mutual in New York City, where she secured small business funding for American Pouch Food. 

She is a Radio Program Director and Newscaster and has worked with CBS affiliate and various media outlets.

Sis. Ayesha attended basic training in Orlando, Florida; followed by Yeoman “A” School in Meridian, Mississippi. In 1980, she became the first female of the Islamic faith to obtain a commission as a line officer in any of the Armed Services. She was trained in Disaster Preparedness and Readiness.

She assisted in the 1983 visit of Imam W. Deen Mohammed to the Pentagon to meet with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Armed Forces Chaplaincy Board, and members of Congress, the first step in initiating the Islamic Chaplaincy Program. She assisted in coordinating the Commissioning Program of the first Islamic Chaplain. 

Military positions held: Head, Senior Enlisted and Officer Promotions Boards, VA; Minority Programs and General Officer Recruiter, Naval Recruiting District WASH DC; Director, Navy Family Service Center/ Family Advocacy Officer, Sasebo, Japan, member Sasebo Chamber of Commerce; Executive Officer/Commanding Officer, Transient Personnel Unit, Great Lakes, Illinois; Head Navy Housing Financial Planning Division (Pers-6), WASH DC; Chief Civilian Manpower Analyst and Member Navy Community Services Programs, WASH, D.C.; Chief Support Group and Planning Officer, United States Military Entrance Processing Command (USMEPCOM), North Chicago, Illinois.

Sis. Ayesha was awarded many military medals and accolades, among them, an active volunteer with the Headstart Program, Habitat International, United Way Board Member, the Navy Relief Society, honored as an Outstanding citizen for the 21st Congressional District (Ohio); acknowledged by President George H. W. Bush for the Presidential Points of Light Program, recipient of the Al Hadeed Award from The Mosque Cares.

She joined efforts with former Congressman Fauntroy to obtain Presidential Pardon for Imam W D Mohammed for non-service in the military. She is a patron of the arts in aid in obtaining a permanent Islamic Heritage Museum, and as a Member of the Republican Senatorial Committee and the Arlington Republican Women’s Club, etc.

Sis. Ayesha is the mother of one son, whom she provided a diverse upbringing. He attended Japanese School; Lake Bluff Montessori; Catholic, Muslim, Christian and public schools, as well as homeschooled for high school and started college at age 16; he has been a recipient of a Congressional Service Award, joined in Who’s Who Amongst College Students; an honor graduate from both Northern Virginia Community College and The Art Institute of WASH; a Martial Arts, MVP in football and various sports. 

Following the family tradition of military service, he is currently on active duty having recently completed a highly decorated White House Special Duty Tour and recipient of several military medals and honors.

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