Deadly Violence Reignited in 75 Years of Zionist Occupation of Palestinian Land

Protestors across Middle East (shown Yemen) erupt in October 2023, in face of Palestinians’ struggle against occupation by Zionists, a 75-year and counting brutal removal from their homeland. The powerful throughout history determine earth’s territories to be goggled for their benefit, and indigenous peoples continue to resist: From 1800s Berlin Conference that carved up Africa for European countries gain, the Trail of Tears of Indigenous Native Americans to make way for European occupiers, Boers of South Africa’s Apartheid rule, to U.S./British backed establishment of Zionist Israel on top existing Palestinian population – all showed resistance, then came genocide, … then “repeat.”

PALESTINE in 1945 – before it was removed from world maps with the occupation of Zionists.

The SQUEEZE – a “green Palestine” to a “white Zionist state of Israel.”

In 1996 Imam W. Deen Mohammed traveled to GAZA and met with Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat, returning to the U.S.A. to decry the stranglehold Israel held over the Palestinians even after Arafat agreed to a “2-state solution.” And below the Imam met with Nelson Mandela, leader of the ANC and eventual president of his homeland South Africa where he lived most of his life under brutal occupation and 27 years of imprisonment. Mandela said, “South Africans are not free until Palestinians are free.”

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