Book Review by Ayesha K. Mustafaa

HOUSTON, Texas – This newly released book penned by Imam Frederick Qasim Khan, “Stuff People Said to Me,” is a must-read not only for the “sayings” but also for “who said it.” It is indeed “a treasure chest of beneficial advice” from a treasure trove of great minds, outstanding leaders, and teachers from the most varied spectrums of life, of society.

This publication shows the practice of Imam Qasim to take to heart all of the experiences he’s gained from others – who are willing to share their life journeys. Of the 45 persons whom he has taken time to write about from his encounters, taking with him something from each of them.

These 45 such persons in his book that “told him stuff” – the stuff that makes for solid fortitude and perseverance – are remembered and their experiences honored as roadmaps to success. They all are at the top of their “callings” but as varied as the human spectrum presents – all colors and hues and heights, male and female, varied professions ….

Just to give an example of a few names of people who told him “stuff” are: Shaykh James Shabazz – a dedicated servant of Allah and Muslim American Pioneer from the Marcus Garvey movement to the Hon. Elijah Muhammad’s nation building, and as a servant Imam under the leadership of Imam W. Deen Mohammed (yes, Imam W. Deen Mohammad told him stuff, also!)

How many of us have memories of the great Muslim American Pioneer Minister turned Imam of Pittsburgh, Penn., Mustafa Hassain – he told Qasim stuff too. Imam Qasim had a way of working with those who had reputations of being the “most trying of people” – e.g. Minister turned Imam Clyde Rahman of Cleveland.

Politicians spoke to him, e.g., former President Barack Obama, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee who has come out to events and given Imam Qasim his honors, and Atty. Gen. Keith Ellison, Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs-Jones, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner….

Sports legends like Abdul Hakeem Olajuwon, Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown and Coach Kenneth Johns, yes they said “stuff” to Bro. Qasim as well. The music greats: BB King, Lena Horne, Stevie Wonder – and I will stop here. If you have said “stuff” to Imam Qasim, you may be in the book! But relax cause it is all good stuff.

On a personal recollection, often in conversations, a name may pop up because of a text message received and I’ll say out loud, “That was Imam Qasim Khan.” And no matter what part of the earth you are on, “someone” will say: “Oh, give the greetings to Imam Qasim. We were together in “…any given town in the U.S.A.”

As far as memories go back – from Pittsburgh, Penn., and Cleveland, Ohio, in the north to Houston, Texas in the south and the roads in between going east and west, Brother Qasim Khan is one of those persons you can readily identify in a crowd.

One of the many congregations of leaders from all walks of life with Imam Frederick Qasim Khan (seated).

For many years, he was the “go-to” PR guy that others sought out to advance their publications and events and causes. He has always exhibited a personality that was approachable, and he would be very ready to approach others – from all walks of life.

He founded “Bold! Enterprises Entertainment Bureau” in 1971, then managed musicians and produced concerts and events throughout Pittsburgh. Eventually, with the help of his brother, Tariq M. Khan, the company evolved into “BOLD? Footwear.”

The company maintained manufacturing and administrative facilities in South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Malaysia, setting up international trade with the United States. In the interim, Frederick had built, managed, and operated four barber-beauty salons in the Pittsburgh area, and provided training and license preparation for barber students. During that time, he founded Three Birds Enterprises.

Perhaps it is during this profession and eventual time in Cleveland that he was an acquaintance and friend with our beloved Baseemah Calhoun Hasan of National Muslim Business Conference, now living in Fayetteville, N.C. – widow of the beloved David Hasan.

After relocating to Cleveland in the mid 90’s, Bro. Qasim became Director of Community Relations for New Glenville Health Center, under internationally acclaimed physician, Dr. Emmanuel Tuffour, spearheading its reopening. 

Imam Frederick Qasim Khan and Sis. Haisana Khan with Houston Chief of Police Troy Finner

His brother, Tariq assumed the ownership of Bold! Footwear, which had eventually been headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. 

While maintaining a schedule as a motivational speaker and event coordinator, he also has founded and chaired several organizations, such as B.O.H.S.S. (Business Owners Honoring Super Seniors), Cleveland Cultural Critique Committee, and is a member of Peace In The Hood, an anti-violence coalition network. 

Presently, Frederick Qasim Khan lives with his wife, Hasaina in Houston and is the founder and president of At-Tawhid Educational Center of Houston, as well as the founder and president of Tawhid Houston Enterprises, Inc.

50th Wedding Anniversary flyer

Take a moment and order your copy – share it with your children to show the breath that a Muslim has traveled the earth and sat with leaders from all walks of life. 

Imam Qasim speaks about this narrative in his book: “Everyone we meet has something to offer! During our life’s journey, with multiple paths, directions and experiences, it should be expected to constantly come in contact with people of all ages, backgrounds and mindsets who, whether solicited or unsolicited, deliberate or inadvertently, place an impression on our life in some way, shape or fashion, good, bad or indifferent….

“… We are somehow impacted by words…, perhaps this book will serve as a catalyst to trigger memories throughout our own experiences and interactions with people in our past or present … that actually benefitted you. Just think about it.”

To purchase a copy of “Stuff People Said to Me,” visit www.TawhidHouston.com or call 832-831-4465. All the proceeds of the book benefit the Community Service Mission and Masjid At-Tawhid Da’wah. Also congratulations to Imam Qasim and Sis. Hasaina on their 50th Wedding Anniversary celebrated July 21, 2023. Stay blessed!

Ayesha K. Mustafaa is the Editor of the Muslim Journal.

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