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By Muslim Journal Newswire

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.Alhamdulilah! Congratulations to Sharon Dumas El-Amin on being elected to the Minneapolis School Board District 2 in this November’s election. 

Sharon ran on the platform, “Together We Win,” and received many endorsements, including Minnesota’s State Attorney General, Keith Ellison.

Sharon and her husband, Imam Makram El-Amin, have been married for 28 years and have three children who graduated from Minneapolis Schools. Minneapolis has been her home for 29 years, and she has been serving within her community for over two decades. Imam Makram is the Imam of Masjid An’Nur located in North Minneapolis

Sharon states, “I am Social Coordinator at Masjid An’Nur, and for the last three years, on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month, I cooked and prepared 100 hot meals for families in need.  I currently sit on The NorthSide Commercial Real Estate Advisory Committee for Philips Foundation. 

“I was a member of Neon’s Board of Directors for three years. I have earned a number of awards and recognitions, including the Start-Up Business of the Year 2002, 2010 Small Business of the Year, 2010 Longevity & Sustained Impact Award, and the 2010 Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained Nominee at Women Venture.

“I have served as the President of Minneapolis North Polar Parent organization, and a current member of North High School Site-council. I owned and operated a business for 15 years and have valuable experience managing budgets, governing operations and establishing policy; El-Amin’s Fish House and Tiny Tots Daycare, both located in the heart of North Minneapolis neighborhood.”

Sharon ran for School Board to be a voice for students, parents, staff and the community within Minneapolis. Her vision is for schools to be fully funded and a safe learning environment that provides the best experience for the youth from Pre-K through 12th Grade. 

“We need to make sure our youth are ready for life beyond High School,” she says. “I understand that we all have different needs, and I want to be that voice for all of us! 

“As a mother of three, I realize the need for more staff within the schools, more educational resources, more parent involvement, and more staff training. Improving Minneapolis Public Schools will take all of us.” 

She adds that she will be that voice for the public and will work diligently to make sure that all needs are considered at the board. “I will be the voice that will bring balance and experience from living, working and worshiping within Minneapolis,” she said. 

“This is my life. I am vested in Minneapolis, and I will work hard to make a difference.” 

On November 4, Sharon thanked everyone: “We did it! Thank you all for your support. We worked hard to get here, and I will work even harder for our students to ensure A.C.T.I.O.N. in Minneapolis Public Schools as your District 2 School Board Member. #TogetherWeWin #TogetherWeWon.”

Director-Elect El-Amin starts her commission in January 2021 and can be contacted at, on Facebook and Instagram @sharon4schools, or email

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