QUEENS, N.Y. – The Clara Muhammad School (C.M.S.) of Queens curriculum is built upon a spiritual foundation which suggests that a truly educated person must be prepared academically, physically, and spiritually.

Herein lies the root of Clara Muhammad School of Queens holistic approach to education.  

C.M.S. students are expected to participate in a series of activities designed to promote spiritual growth as the community struggles with core issues such as vision, passion, and commitment.  

We believe that religion and learning go hand in hand which leads to character growth with knowledge.  

The Clara Muhammad School of Queens continues to evolve into a school that builds upon its long legacy of producing compassionate and forward-thinking leaders.

This month our theme has been centered around the word “Freedom”.  

As we analyze the commentary of Imam W. D. Mohammed on “Freedom”, we want our students and learning community to move in their intellect to a greater purpose and sense of responsibility.  

It is our prayer and hopes that the latter leads us to feel comfortable with ourselves,  life and purpose on this earth. 

For the last five years, we have participated in the National School Choice program, which was held in January 2019 where we received the Leadership Award. 

Alhamdulillah, we want to show our appreciation to 100@50 for the great work they are doing to support the Clara Muhammad School system.  

We sincerely want to thank Allah (swt) for Imam Adam Beyah and the Believers at 100@50 for their deeds of kindness and donations as it has helped enhance our programs.

Your donations have helped us to purchase learning materials and technological equipment to aid in our students’ learning process.  

This year our goal is to improve our math and science department, without the Believers we will not be able to do so. 

Our Annual History Black College and University Bus Tour, Insha’Allah, will begin April 13-17 which covers sixteen HBCUs.  

The bus tour is a part of our College Prep program which helps students gain a snapshot into college life. 

We are appealing to the Believers for your donations for learning supplies and to keep our school open. 

There are several ways you can donate, visit our website www.claramuhammadschoolqueens.com and click the donate button or by U.S. mail via check made payable: Clara Muhammad School, 103-02 Northern Blvd., Corona, NY 11368.

May Allah continue to bless and protect us all!

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