For the entire life span of most adults in America, they have heard there isn’t any cure for arthritis. 

This has been accepted by most people, especially those who have for years been fighting this painful disease with drugs, without success. 

From sulfa drugs, aspirin, gold injections and cortisone, ACTH – all have proven to be failures in terms of permanent relief. 

Because most Americans haven’t been introduced to alternatives in lifestyle as a cure to this disorder, they follow the masses who have gone before them to a life filled with pain and misery. 

It is estimated that there are approximately 14 million or more Americans afflicted with arthritis in various forms. 

Arthritis is probably the most crippling of the classical disorders that face the public today. 

While it is not as direct as a killer like heart disease or cancer, it produces more pain and despair in more people than any other single disease.

Arthritis is one of the oldest known diseases to the human family. 

It belongs to the “rheumatic group” which has about 90 differentiations of arthritic and rheumatic diseases. 

Lumbago, sciatica, neuritis, etc., are painful inflammatory conditions expressing themselves in various parts of the body belonging to this group. 

Arthritis, however, has reference specifically to inflammation in the joints.

Osteoarthritis is probably the most well known of all the common types of arthritis. 

This form of arthritis comes, so it is said, from wear and tear and usually affects people past middle age. 

What characterizes it is degeneration of the joints, softening and erosion of the cartilage and enlargement of the affected joints. 

The joints that bear the weight seem to be affected first, but any joint in the body can be affected by osteoarthritis. 

When the hip joint is affected, it becomes stiff and very painful. 

Rheumatoid arthritis is another common form of arthritis and is the most serious type. 

It can cause destruction of the joint tissue, which leads to severe and extensive deformations. 

It usually strikes young adults, but it can affect anyone. 

Statistics say women are affected at three times the rate of men. 

This type of arthritis starts with inflammation of the synovial membrane, which leads to deposits in the joints, bone degeneration and deformity.

One can easily become an invalid from rheumatoid arthritis, if treatment isn’t gotten early.

Gouty arthritis is usually manifested by inflammation of the joints of the large toe. 

It is a uric acid build up in the body, which is a systemic problem manifesting itself in the feet. 

Statistics tell us gout mainly affects men usually past middle age; however it can affect anyone.   

Arthritis begins to develop when the synovial membrane ceases to secrete fluid to lubricate the joints. 

When this normal function of the joint is impaired, swelling may occur or the joint may shrivel up and dry. 

The cartilage loses its elasticity and becomes dry and brittle. 

Muscles surrounding the joints lose their tone and ligaments lose their flexibility as the process degenerates. 

As the bones begin to rub together, it causes inflammation and pain.

Trying to pinpoint one single thing that causes arthritis has eluded the medical profession. 

However, we do know a health-destroying environment affects metabolism. This includes toxicity, poor nutrition, lack of digestion, overeating, emotional and physical stresses, and a lethargic lifestyle. 

When digestion isn’t proper, the elimination of waste material isn’t expelled from the body expeditiously. 

When enervation has set in and circulation isn’t proper, total metabolism is disrupted. 

When these biochemical functions are impaired, disease sets in. 

      The first thing that you as a biological entity must realize is that drugs or herbs don’t heal the body. 

No substances that we might give our bodies, to bring about the healing of tissue after it has been damaged, can in fact heal it. 

What we give our body in the way of a healing agent can only encourage our body to heal itself, if the agent has the properties. 

And at the time the body must be capable of healing and receptive to the agent. 

This is the reason why there hasn’t been any massive progress with arthritis. 

The drugs that people are taking don’t encourage the body to heal itself. 

These drugs seek to produce only temporary relief of pain and in most cases create side effects of dis-ease in other parts of the patient’s body. 

The only true relief for the victim of arthritis is in a change of lifestyle.

The process of satisfying this disorder is in:

1) stop the intake of what created the condition, 

2) remove from the body what’s contributing to it, and 

3) replenish the body of the nutrients that have been lost. 

Following these three steps will keep the person in accord with natural law and has been proven as the method for the body’s self-healing processes. 

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