Given the growing toxic political climate that often offends our intelligence and harms innocent citizens, the American Coalition for Good Government (ACGG) suggests that we use our energies in a productive manner by organizing, strategizing, implementing and evaluating our local efforts to engage the political processes.

Each organization, which identifies with the Community of Imam W.D. Mohammed, should have a liaison person in communication with a local chapter of ACGG or the ACGG State Representative.

Look for the upcoming webinars on how to organize, strategize, implement and evaluate your local efforts in upcoming articles in Muslim Journal.

Imam W.D. Mohammed left us with a clear blue print on Civic Engagement with his vision of the need for a Coalition For Good Government (Charlotte, N.C. 1997). 

That structure has evolved into the ACGG (American Coalition For Good Government). 

The newly elected officers are: 

Fleming El-Amin, Convenor/President

Imam Dr. Talib Shareef, Co-Convenor/Vice President

Mustafa Shabazz, Treasurer, and 

Amatullah Yamini, Secretary.

A brief bio of all officers and State Representative will be published soon in Muslim Journal.

There are a number of elected officials who associate with ACGG who are actively informing and engaging their local communities to focus their energies on developing practical solutions on issues by organizing. strategizing, implementing and evaluating their local efforts to impact the local political processes.

Continue to build coalitions with groups that value your vision, value your work ethic to establish a model community, value the founding principles established in the Declaration of Independence,  the U.S. Constitution and other freedom documents that value inalienable rights given to humanity by the Creator. 

What action plan are you developing to move your local community forward? Organize, strategize, implement and evaluate your local efforts. Conference calls and webinars sponsored by ACGG will be announced in Muslim Journal. 

Your vote is a sacred trust. Use your vote in honor of our ancestors who sacrificed for us to exercise that right. It is critical today that we are actively engaged in ongoing community efforts to register to vote. Organize, strategize, implement and evaluate.

(Fleming El-Amin can be reached via email at

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