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NEWARK, N.J. – One of the musical performers at Muslim Journal’s Fundraising Concert on June 11, 2022, was artist P.Genz. His name at birth: Fatir Abdullah.

The young artist’s style is a cross of rap and melodic soul. Considered a millennial, he’s not new to being on the stage, having performed for over a decade. 

Fatir Abdullah grew up in Irvington, N.J., a city next to Newark, and was fully immersed in the Muslim American community. A member of the Muslim Youth Connection in Newark, he and his associates would congregate on the weekends at Masjid Al Haqq, the very Masjid hosting the Muslim Journal Subscription Drive Concert.

In addition to participating in activities in the Greater Newark area, the Muslim Youth Connection would also travel to the Muslim Conventions. Friendships that were fostered during these Conventions are still alive today. Fatir continues his work in the community as a member of Masjid Waarith ud Deen, of Irvington, N.J. 

As the artist, P.Genz has always taken an affinity for verbal expression. Since age 6, he has had an interest in music and has always been deemed ahead of his time for his undeniable talent. 

His ability to capture the attention of listeners of all ages is one of his greater feats. Journalist Sean Polite stated about him, “His wordplay eschews wealth and confidence, the birthing of rewards attributed to the greatness realized from within. You see a confident, sharp, affluent man reveling on his gifts.” 

P.Genz is not only an artist (music and design), but he is also an entrepreneur and owner of ESSENCE GOLD – a lifestyle brand specializing in the realms of good music, art and stylish fashion. 

The journey began in 2008 with the birth of Essence Gold Music. It has been the hub for Genz’ sterling catalog of albums, EPs, and mixtapes — it is the essence of lyrics and sound. Furthermore, he also took interest in the art field and graduated with a BA in Graphic Design. 

His mission was to find a seamless and unique way of merging music with design. This led Fatir to create fashion pieces in 2012 that stemmed from utilizing graphic design, fusing them with ideas and inspiration from his music.

Essence Gold Clothing has been showcased, modeled, and most of all proudly worn worldwide from New Jersey, New York, California, Japan, South Africa and more. 

In the welcoming spirit of sadaqah/charity, a special “pink” collection is created yearly for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. Having loved ones impacted by this disease, portions of the sales from this collection are donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 

A goal of Essence Gold is to provide clothing and food to those in need through organized monthly donation drives. Insha’Allah (Allah Willing), that goal will come to fruition in the near future. 

Take note of the words and themes in the fashion, most of which have roots in the music…: FLOURISH. FLY EXCELLENCE. LOVE BEFORE ANYTHING | GOD BEFORE EVERYTHING. BECOME BIGGER THAN YOUR FEARS

These themes radiate inspiration, ambition and kindness. These characteristics are what P.Genz wants wearers to take to heart, as they tap into their abilities and natural state of being (which is their essence).

Fatir can be contacted at or

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  1. Alhumduillah Fatir,May Allah continue to reward you the gift of music and apparel. We r proud of how you have blossomed before our very eyes into a young entrepreneur with a vision being fulfill by the grace of Allah. Much Love
    Bro.Jamal and Sis.Linda

  2. Fatir Yasin, congratulations on being recognized in the Community Spotlight. You are truly an unmatched creative talent. May your light continue shine bright in all your endeavors. Peace & Blessing Always,

  3. Fatir, I am so proud as your Auntie to have witness your growth and development of talent. Your mindful lyrics that combine with artist graphic expression is great combination.
    Your performance at the Muslim Journal Subscription Drive on June 11 intrigued the audience. The original lyrics produced by you for Muslim Journal commercial “Legacy “ demonstrate that you are a Muslim man of words that results in call to action. Thank you for your assistance in the Muslim Journal fundraiser. It
    exemplifies excellent for others to lead the way in our community.
    All praises due to Allah ( swt. May Allah bless your goals with success and you continue your participation in the community.

  4. Super proud of you cuz. Definitely an inspiration for many. Dope write-up. Peace

  5. Alhamduillah and Congratulations, Fatir!!! This is an amazing article on you. May Allah continue to bless you and the gifts you share with us. The man with many hats. I pray that all your goals and dreams continue to come true. Keep on pushing on my brother! Smooth lyrics and voice, great/fire beats, and stylish fashion. It’s great seeing you receive your flowers now! Keep making great music!!!

    As Salaamu Alakium!
    Much love,

  6. You have made your family proud. May Allah continue blessing you in all your endeavors.. You are forever loved….

  7. Congratulations Fatir! We are proud of you! Keep spreading positivity! #drippin’infinesse

  8. My Baby Brother, I am so Proud of your success. I want you to keep Rising to the Top, Continue to be Unstoppable. Congratulations! Love you Always your Big Sis Sadiqua

  9. Alhamduillah Congratulations Fatir so proud of you keep up the good work as I know you will. Always been a good brother & friend in Islam

  10. Alhamdulillah Beloved Brother, I’m sooo very proud of you. May Allah continue to Bless you and Increase your valuable talents.
    Much Respect 😎💪🏾

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