​Muslim Journal’s Annual 2020 “A Time To Be Grateful (ATTBG)”

2020 marks the Muslim Journal’s A Time To Be Grateful (ATTBG) weekend conference 17th year.

A message from MJ’s National ATTBG Chair, Joan Najeeullah

Each Year Muslim Journal travels the globe and selects a Host Masjid and its community to create programming and implement logistics for the annual “A Time to Be Grateful” conference.  

Due to  COVID-19, ATTBG has been delayed with plans in 2021 to be hosted by Masjid of Al-Islam in Atlanta, GA.   

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This exciting weekend events consist of Jumu’ah, Culture Night, Workshops/Lecture, Fashion Show, Children Programs, Tours, the Signature Awards Banquet, Business Breakfast and Closing Taleem.

Notably, this gathering is the largest network of Muslims and other individuals that continuously support the Muslim Journal.

Its goal is to increase the presence of the Muslim Journal Newspaper and its subscriptions.

Muslim Journal sincerely Appreciates and Thanks You for your continuous support!   

We Can’t Stop Now!

Muslim Journal 


a virtual screening of A Time to Be Grateful (ATTBG)’s

2013 Bermuda Culture Night Performance!

You can support this year’s Fundraiser online without traveling.

December 11 & 12, 2020, at 6:00 PM EST each night

Purchase tickets for the 2020 ATTBG here.

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Thank you for your continued support of this historical Publication!