True Detergent, first in a line from The Salaam Group providing the basic needs of the community

True Detergent

By Ayesha K. Mustafaa


Imam W. Deen Mohammed stated regularly that it is not acceptable that another people provide all of our basic needs.

His call to action to continue the legacy of his father, the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, to “do-for-self” inspired Muslims of the African American community to, in fact, provide their own basic needs to their families.

The Salaam Group of Atlanta has begun this process by making available the all new True Detergent. The True Heavy Duty Liquid Laundry Detergent is the latest product under a category of “halal laundry products in America.”

The four individuals who started True Products LLC in November of 2012 are Abdul-Aleem and Malik Saleem in the association of Imam W. Deen Mohammed, and Ali Muhammad and Abdur-Rahim Shaheed, both of the Nation of Islam.

Chemist who made the formula for True Detergent is a Muslim from the Nation of Islam, one of the top five chemists in the country.

According to its producers, “True Detergent is void of any caustic ingredient and animal essence, making it safe for all types of machines and fabrics. As a concentrate, the consumer will use much less resulting in savings and environmental consciousness.”

Many detergents contain caustic ingredients of dioxane, a petrochemical solvent found in paints, varnishes as well as some cosmetics – which are suspected as cancer causing agents.

True Detergent is a “low suds” product but testimonies compliment its effectiveness. “Many commercial manufacturers have developed products that release throughout the washing cycle leaving residue on the skin once the clothing is worn,” explains True Detergent investor, Bro. Malik.

These detergents also are pollutants running off in wash water into streams and water supplies.

According to True Detergent user, Suad Sabree of Suad’s Elegance in Trenton, N.J.,  “True Detergent is a great eco friendly product. It truly excels in its class and with the ‘he’ ( high efficiency) seal of approval, it is  the must have for environmentally friendly washing machines. You can wash all types of clothing with confidence – from normal wash to fine, delicates, hand washables and even baby clothes, leaving them fresh and phosphorus free.”

Sis. Suad adds, “This detergent is all in one. These are a few of the reasons why I like it so much and one of the reasons that I became a distributor. True Detergent saves money, especially when compared to the commercialized products that you buy in the store.

“You save with each wash because you only use 1/4 cup per load. Its 4x concentrated and you get up to 128 washes per gallon! The reasonable cost and excellent results make this a great and must have alternative to the ‘competition’… and that’s why the competition can’t handle the TRUE.”

Satisfied customer Algenise Brown said, “I have been using this detergent for approximately 10 months.  It has been a wonderful household experience for me, because it gets my clothes clean and leaves them in mint condition.  When the clothes are in the dryer, the odor fills my house with a very nice smell.  I would recommend this detergent to anyone for a color-lasting experience for all washable garments.”

Tran Nguyen says, “My family is large, and we wash cloths a lot. We have used this True Detergent for a while and it makes our cloths clean and fresh.

We are happy to give you our support in the future for this product.”

According to Julla Mendoza, “I would like to say that I have tired True Laundry Detergent, and my family has been very satisfied with this product. It cleans good and leaves our clothes smelling very good. We also found that we save money and don't have to use too much.”

And Wajeedah Muhammed said, “One of the newest products on the market that I like and am excited about is the True Laundry Detergent.  I am on my sixth bottle and love that it cleans my clothes with so little used.  The bottle lasts much longer than the leading brands, thereby saving me money.

“True is biodegradable, therefore good for the environment and my septic tank. I highly recommend True to everyone who cares about their clothes, protecting the environment and saving money.”

B.J. Reynolds added his assessment of the product.” Since using the laundry detergent, True Product, over a year ago, I can truly say I am completely satisfy with the way my clothes smell and how clean they get with only using a small amount.

“I had to get use to the fact it does not make a lot of suds, but it certainly does the job. And I have saved a lot of money from not having to buy a lot of laundry detergent.

“I also like the fact that this product is manufactured by an African American chemist who happens to be a Muslim brother....”

To find True Laundry Detergent in your area, visit with these distributors:


1. Adib Shakir

265 Clinton Ave.

Newark, NJ 07108

Ph. 973-420-4172


2. Haaziq Muhammad

2191 Lake Ave.

Altadena, CA 91001

(Los Angeles area)

Ph. 310-877-7014



3. Rasool's Sportwear

6301 N.W. 7th Ave.

Miami, FL 33150

Ph. 305-801-6158


4. Suad Sabree

105 School Ln.

Trenton, NJ 08618

Ph. 609-775-7054


5. Threez Company LLC

700 E. Union St., Suite I-l

Jacksonville, FL 32206

c/o Zakee Furqan

Ph. 904 343 9714


6. Cosmic Innovations Consortuim LLC

4741 Central St., Suite 104

Kansas City, MO 64112


7. Shaheed Wangara

8211 S. Exchange Ave.

Chicago, IL 60617

Ph. 312-560-6884


8. Naim Muhammad

South Orange Ave. and Bergen St.

Newark, NJ 07102

Ph. 973-819-5958


9. New Mind Investment Group LLC

730 Summit Ave.

Columbia, SC 29203

c/o Ramziddeen Ameen

Ph. 803-960-8592


11. Z and Z Distributors

4416 Germantown Avenue

Philadelphia Pa. 19140

Zakariyya Abdur-Rahman  215 416 3669

Samir Muhammad  267 988 5976

12. Malik Saleem

The Salaam Group

1036 White St., SW

Atlanta Ga. 30310

Ph. 404-578-7457



Abdur-Rahim 404-547-7455



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