By Hameem Habeeb
Qur’an 6:11: “Say, travel in the earth….” El-Hajj Malik Shabazz, Dec. 27, 1964: “Well, I’ve done a lot of traveling and I think over all travel does broaden one’s soul.”
DAKAR, Senegal – Becoming an international citizen is a byproduct of practicing Al Islam. The obligation to travel internationally for the sake of Allah at least once in your life if affordable is a deep desire of every conscious Muslim. Once that obligation is fulfilled, the whole world beckons to be explored and understood.
The practice of Islam by the association of Imam W.D. Mohammed, Allah’s mercy on him, previously under the auspices of the Nation of Islam had rank and file members hobbled in their ability to travel.
NOI members had to acquire “travelling letters” from an NOI administration official to even travel from Buffalo to Detroit. Under the Muslim freedom movement ignited by the Imam WD Mohammed, the association members began to travel the four corners of the globe and return with insights, greater energy and motivations to take the Muslim Model Community concept to its next logical conclusion.
Given the opportunity and the occasion, this writer made a recent trip to Senegal and its city of Dakar, the home of arguably two of the most famous enslaved Africans on this continent, Job Ben Solomon – born Ayyub ibn Sulayman ibn Ibrahim around 1702 – and Omar ibn Sayyid born 1770... Read Jun. 16, 2017's Issue Here.


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