“This is Not a Border” Encompasses the Truth of Palestinian Life


By Leila Diab
A quintessential mélange of thoughts and artistic phrasing, “This is Not a Border” is a publication sealed with the reality of historical truth.
“This Is Not a Border” shares the contributions of literary artists and their life experiences and struggles that were void of any possibilities of freedom, hope, and the dream of belonging.
Pal-Fest celebrated the tenth annual Palestine Festival of Literature with its publication, “This Is Not A Border,” a book of essays which went on sale July 18, 2017.
The book is edited by co-founders Adhaf Soueif and Omar Robert Hamilton and written by several of the world’s most distinguished literary artists.
They converged and shared their literary, artistic and theatrical talents with readers and writers in a harmonious realm of literature... Read our latest issue Here.


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