Abdel J. Nuriddin, N.D., Ph.D

By Abdel J. Nuriddin, N.D., Ph.D.

The fall can be a great time of year, barring no unforeseen catastrophes. The foliage is falling from the trees, and the temperatures are normally tolerable.

If we planted in the spring and protected the crop in the summer, then we should expect to collect the harvest in the fall.

Because we know that winter is coming, then fall is a good time to plan how to get through the winter. I have noticed the squirrels carrying nuts probably to their winter home; it’s a time to conserve and store energy.

So if man has adequately protected through the summer, the fall will be a time of celebration (harvest). The fall should be a time of jubilation and joy because we should all be able to eat at harvest time.

However, if we go to sleep in the celebrating spirit and eat the seed corn along with the rest of the crop, we won’t have anything to plant next spring. If we fail to plan for the future and the change of weather, we will fall victim to the seasons.

While the weather in the fall isn’t extremely cold, it can be erratic. It’s a time of year when the weather can deceive man, and it will affect the body in various ways. The temperature of the body will begin to adjust and adapt to the new climatic conditions.

The muscles and joints will be affected by the change, and the respiratory tract and its mucus lining will adjust accordingly.

The earth won’t enjoy as much sunlight as it did in the summer, and some lower species in the creation will hibernate and migrate until after the cold weather passes.

These are signs of the up coming challenge for man.

Winter is a time of difficulty, so we must plan in the fall. The earth won’t bear fruit in the winter, so we must store food in the fall.

We must think summer in springtime. We must think fall in the summer. We must think winter in fall. And think spring in winter. No matter how difficult the winter will get, we know the relief will come in the spring.

Springtime is a time of opportunity. All life upon the earth is waiting for the spring when trees will blossom, flowers will blossom and man can plant again.

However, if man doesn’t take advantage of the time when it is ripe, he loses the opportunity in the cycle. If he doesn’t plant in the spring he won’t have a chance to have a harvest in the fall.

Summertime is the time to protect the crop (opportunity) that was planted in the spring. If you don’t give attention to the crop, the bugs and pest will eat it. If you don’t protect your opportunity, life will forbid its manifestation.

And we must remember that on this planet, every garden will be attacked. It doesn’t make a difference how well you prune it or how clean it is, or how true it is, it will be attacked.

Ants think winter in summer; you see them taking food for storage underground. And although they know they will be underground for a while, they know it won’t last long.

First warm day and the ants surface again. Opportunity always follows difficulty, expansion always follows recession, ease comes after difficulty – just like spring follows winter.

Allah (G-d) has given us these Signs in nature to teach us about ourselves. And although we can’t control the seasons, we can control ourselves. We can get stronger, become wiser and get better.

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