The Greatest of All Time


“After his organs had shut down, his heart kept beating for another 30 minutes.”

Hana Ali

The most significant part of the body is the heart. The symbol of love, courage, substance, endurance, faith: MUHAMMAD ALI

On Saturday, June 4, 2016 Muhammad Ali transitioned and left this world with the most intimate feeling of lost that we all had a personal stake in.

Why was he an iconic figure? What made him different from other boxers before or after him? It was because he was not a boxer; he was a bridge builder, a man of conviction, hope, confidence,  a man of sacrifice, a man with heart

His heart transcended perceived enemies. In an exclusive interview with Jackie Frazier, daughter of legendary boxer Joe Frazier , she was candid about the relationship of love that was shared by these boxing rivals. “My father loved Ali, and Ali loved my father. When his title and license was taken away, my father went to Washington to ask then President Nixon to intervene in the decision.” She went on to say that her father pleaded “this man needs to make a living in order to take care of his family”.  She shared with me that the children of these boxers were close; like family and still stay in contact with each other.

(more in the next issue on Jackie Frazier’s comments)

Sources shared that Ali convened a meeting with his team to plan his memorial. 'This is what I would like to see, this is the type of program that I would like to see, one that is inclusive of everyone, where we give as many people an opportunity that want to pay their respects to me.' "Ali also said it was important that the memorials be conducted in the Muslim tradition,

On Tuesday, June 7th, New York City named a street near Madison Square Garden’ Muhammad Ali Way’. The gesture was good; however, Muhammad’s way is embedded in the landscape of the world….

No one article will ever be able to capture the life and legend of this icon. As a writer, I realized early on that this newspaper must have more than one issue dedicated to Muhammad. Please send in your Ali stories, pictures and comments so that we can continue to highlight this fearless giant. The above caption of Ali’s daughter, Hana is a message to all of us…We all should work to make sure that after our body (life) is over, we will have a heart that is developed enough to continue to beat into the future.

“Don’t count the days; make the days count.” ; was a classic Ali phase.

My brother, we will count the days that you made count……Our next issue will continue with education our future with the opportunity to understand the time, commitment, and sacrifice that it takes to become’ the greatest….

By Marie Adilah Hameen

OnPoint Media/Muslim Journal Reporter


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