The Gaza Ignominious Reality of Life

GAZA and Palestine

By Leila Diab

Freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives to recapture their homeland, secure their families and friends from the reins of terror and the desire to exist as human beings are too numerous to count.
One thing is for sure, they were passionate human beings. Those who were my uncles, cousins, teachers, lawyers, Muslim scholars, poets and people of humanity in the medical profession, and many of my Palestinian brothers and sisters are now in heaven.
Granted, I and the world community's freedom of character and thoughts carry the torch in their memory for freedom, justice and human dignity.

Dishonorable racial bias, condemnation and barbaric slaughter  of Palestinians for decades should never go unchallenged to save humanity and urgently secure universal  international laws and human rights.
The significant social, economic, literary and cultural contributions of Africans, Chinese, and the Middle Eastern and Muslim  scholars are the treasures to the Western  World and beyond.

Throughout the decades, the Western/European world manufactured in storytelling myths, and I reiterate again, the myths, regarding the significant and flourishing centers of the sciences and liberal Arts.
These worldly contributions epitomized the Arab Muslim civilizations treasured gifts to the modern world.
The same holds truth for the ongoing and close to three weeks of incriminating violence in Gaza.
The world is now taking a concerted effort to realized the many false myths of the true nature of Israel's crimes against the innocent people of Gaza.
Hopefully/prayerfully, the world community and its leaders will read between the lines of terrorism and the understand the horrendous game that is being played out in the blazing destruction of civilian lives in Gaza.
     Here are the glossed over Gaza and Palestinian facts:

  1. There has been a blockade of Gazans going in and out of Gaza since 1996.
  2. Medical and food supplies are not allowed to reach Gaza, even if you inform the Israeli government of your desire for the right of passage of goods and the economic development of Gaza society, it will be denied.
  3. Gaza fishermen are only allowed a 25 meters area to fish in Mediterranean Sea.
  4. Gaza people cannot visit Jerusalem to pray at their mosques or churches.
  5. Permits are denied by the Israeli military government.
  6. Water shortages in Gaza due to the Israeli governments edict to channel water to the Israeli settlements in Gaza.
  7. A total strangulation of the Gaza people's right to economic freedom and jobs. Over 25,000 jobs that Gaza people once had in Israel have been banned.
  8. Extensive media coverage in Gaza is limited or banned.
  9. Hospital, for the elderly, children and the sick, wounded and maimed have been Israeli government targets.
  10. 25 Gaza family members, while in their beds and watching TV during the Israeli military bombing attacks in Gaza, were all killed - innocent people.
  11. Human rights organizations coming into Gaza are whimsically frozen and the reality of life in Gaza, one of the most densely populations of refugees in the world, is distorted with colorful characters of legendary myths.
  12. With high tech surveillance monitoring of Gaza, the Israeli government knows where and what every single building is – life in a cage.
  13. Thousands in the world community continue to stand up and voice their support of the people in Gaza as well as outspoken Israeli journalists/academics and Israelis in Israel.

With the sheer courage and determination to the Gaza people to be free with an end to the debilitating Israeli Military occupation, ask yourself this question: “If this knowledge was available to the world leaders, the president of the United States, and shown daily on the mainstream media networks,  would they have the courage and human dignity in reporting the reality of Gaza and Palestinian life?
And who has the right of power over the disenfranchised, dispossessed, and the homeless refugees?
That is the Gaza reality.
The world community has the power to stand up and voice their humanistic concerns to end these more than 100,000 Gaza people being displaced once again, and the over 600 Palestinians – women and children and their families – being massacred.
Freedom, dignity, character and humanistic thoughts will hopefully usher in, lessening these bitter results for humanity.
As Franklin Delano Roosevelt reiterated, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”
(Leila Diab is a freelance journalist of Palestinian American descent in the Chicago area. She was instrumental in establishing and accompanied the delegation of Muslims led by Imam W. Deen Mohammed to the Palestinian territories culminating in a meeting with the late Palestinian Authority leader Yasser Arafat. Diab has written for Muslim Journal since the mid 1980s.)


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