The Author’s Corner featured at 2014 NMBC Conference and Expo in Philadelphia

Sakina Abdul Malik

“The very act of putting pen to paper (fingers to keyboard) has always been refreshingly liberating; a limerick on the back of a grocery list, a beautiful thought on a piece of paper, your daily journal, a few lines of poetry, write whatever is coursing through your mind, and watch the self unfold on the journey of self-discovery….” ~ SAM

Andre Masud By Andre Masud and
Sakinah Abdul Malik
PHILADELPHIA, Penn. – The National Muslim Business Council (NMBC) will present its 11th National Muslim Business Conference and Expo on May 2 – 4, 2014, in Philadelphia.
The theme is “Building a Balanced Community through Economic Development.”  This three-day event will feature many business workshop activities, with various industry speakers from around the country.
In the tradition of the NMBC Conference and Expo, the best practices by Muslim business professionals will be the showcase.  And those best practices will be presented in an educational workshop format.
While the conference and expo is open to the public, individuals who are interested in business are especially encouraged to attend.  The cornerstone of the NMBC Conference and Expo is on the ground assistance to start up businesses, retention of existing businesses, NETworking and encouraging investors who are seeking new ventures.
Bro. David K. Hasan, President of the North Carolina Muslim Business Council, with support formed the steering committee to determine the direction of Imam W.D. Mohammed’s (may Allah be pleased with him) vision of self-sufficiency – “do for self” – and to continue the development of businesses in the community.
In this vision, business people are identified in the community who have maintained their own businesses and have shown support for business life within society.   These Muslim business professionals impart their knowledge based on Islamic tenets and national and international business codes of ethics.
The NMBC conference will continue to highlight young people in business who use best practices in the business sphere, which they have implemented as a result of the “do for self” formula.
In “Philly,” the excitement is heightened by Friday Jumuah Prayer and a Banquet on Saturday to honor business leaders of extraordinary commitment to the Muslim community.
The NMBC Conference and Expo continues its platform of business savvy, to provide blueprints and instructions that maintain Imam W.D. Mohammed’s formula from an educational perspective by  the teaching/learning business-to-business connections and collaborations that grow the Muslim community to “do for self.”
For the first time, The Authors’ Corner will be represented at the NMBC Conference and Expo, wherein published authors will showcase their work in various genres.  In support of the theme “economic development,” The Author’s Corner will focus on the topic of “journaling.”
The Authors’ Corner is a group of experienced writers and authors out of Cleveland, Ohio, with the purpose of offering future writers an educational platform.
The group organized in 2009 have explored various writing techniques employed by local authors that have successfully transformed writing words on little pieces of papers to published works, some known nationally.
The group consists of writers from diverse backgrounds and professions with a love of writing and a desire to lift others in their efforts.
The Authors’ Corner strives to support writers to get their books published. This can take the form of self-published, blog, website, and the traditional publishing format.
In this effort, we guide writers through the basics of the business to become published, such as completion of the work, exploration of various publishing formats, marketing and promotional strategies.
Finally, we are calling authors, especially in the Philadelphia area and around the country, who have an interest to showcase their published works at the NMBC Conference and Expo; they can contact Sakinah Abdul Malik or Andre Masud, by email


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