Shaheer Akhtab: From Citizen to City Councilman?PART II

Shaheer Aktab

By Mubaashir Uqdah

(The following is a continuation from the introduction of Bro. Shaheer Akhtab who is campaigning for a seat on the City Council of Kansas City, Mo., printed in Muslim Journal issue of Feb. 14, 2014.)


Shaheer Akhtab is embarking on the biggest challenge of his political career yet; he is running for a seat on the City Council of Kansas City, Mo., representing and serving over 50,000 people.

Once again, he is running as an independent. He doesn’t have the backing and money of the Democratic or Republican machines. He is rising with the tide of the people. He is asking for our help. He needs the support of the community that gave him birth.

Shaheer said during our interview, “I have sacrificed my whole life to serve the community, and I am just reaching out for some help.”

He said, “I am looking for 400 believers to donate $100 over a period of five months, which is only $20 per month. If I can find 400 people in our community who will join our ‘400 Supporters’ campaign, I believe I can reach the citizens and win.”

The “400 Supporters” campaign can make the victory happen. He defeated the Democratic and Republican machines in his last election and he can do it again. But it is going to cost him more to have a chance.

Bro. Akhtab has to print more signs for more yards, more literature for more people. He will need to build a bigger team to reach a bigger constituency. His ummah can help give birth to a political “son of consequence.”

If 400 believers across the country would be willing to donate $100 over the next five months, Shaheer could run a competitive campaign and he is confident he could win the seat. Just sign up at his website at Become one of the 400 Supporters.

Shaheer Akhtab’s campaign for a City Council seat is called “the People’s Campaign for Individual Empowerment!” He has my support and help. He needs your help!

You can join the “400 Supporters” and donate online at You can also send your donations to: Friends for Shaheer Akhtab, P.O. Box 270492, Kansas City MO 64127.

Bro. Shaheer can be reached by email at or by phone at 816-527-0979.


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