One of most exciting victories in School history…. W. D. Mohammed High School Caliphs set for State Basketball Tournament

Yusuf's shot on the WDM High School Caliphs team

By Sabir Kasib Muhammad

ATLANTA, Ga. – Recently, the Caliphs of W.D. Mohammed High School faced their sternest test of the season as they took on their arch-rival Greenforest Christian Academy at the Greenforest gym.

Like all the games between these teams, this game was a total “burn burner” with the much taller Eagles of Greenforest (ranked #3 in the state of Georgia) holding a slim lead for much of the game.

The Eagles scored on a layup with only 2.5 seconds left in the game. Coach Farad Abdur-Rahman called timeout and designed two plays for the final shot. The Caliphs in-bounded the ball under the Eagles basket and immediately called their final time out with only 1.9 seconds left in the game and the Eagles leading 42-40.

“I called a final play with three options,” said Coach Farad. “Majid Omar (the team’s leading 3-point shooter) was the first option; Muhammad Hamilton (the team’s top scorer and ball-handler) was the second option, and Yusuf Muhammad was the third option.”

Caliphs guard Jihad Hameen, unable to get the ball to the first two options from slightly in backcourt threw a cross-court bounce pass to Yusuf Muhammad who immediately squared up a shot from mid-court (44 feet away from the basket) with a 6-7 Greenforest player flying out to block the shot.

Yusuf adjusted his shot slightly to the right while in the air to avoid the block and shot a perfect ball, as the horn sounded, to win the game for the Caliphs. The huge thong of Caliphs fans flowed down from the stands to the court to celebrate long after the game, one of the most exciting victories in school history. The last play has gone viral on YouTube.

The Mohammed Schools of Atlanta represent the smallest schools in the state of Georgia but has the highest graduation rate and percentage of students accepted into the college of their choice of any school in the state.

Part of a historic Islamic school system, the Mohammed Schools are formally accredited  and have produced some of the most outstanding students in the Nation. The W. D. Mohammed High School annually sends students to some of this Nation's most prestigious colleges and universities.

Currently, the boy’s basketball team is 20-1 and ranked #4 in the state. The 2008 girl’s team (also coached by Coach Farad) was so successful that they were featured on ESPN and won the sports channel's "Inspiration Award."

Presently, the Schools are struggling financially and any contributions could help save one of America's in general, and Muslim American’s in particular, greatest resources. Spread the word of this great success story and the School that has made it possible.

W.D. Mohammed High School is the only fully accredited private Islamic high school in the Southeast.

Prominent graduates include:

Imam Mansoor Sabree (1999; a student of the late Imam W. Deen Mohammed; selected to studied Arabic and Islamic Law at Abu Nour University in Damascus, Syria, under tutelage of the late Grand Mufti Shiekh Ahmed Kuftaro), Resident Imam of the Atlanta Masjid of Al-Islam.

Sabir Muhammad II (1994; B.A. Stanford 1998; MBA Emory 2007), 3-time All-American and 1st African American male to swim for Stanford University, and the first to hold an American swimming record. Sabir is currently Founder and Director of Atlanta Swim School.

Marcus Lambert (2007), currently a candidate for Ph.D. in Medical Research at New York University.

Dr. Jamillah Karim (1994; Duke, 1998), 1st professor of Islamic Studies at Spelman College.

Dr. Sulieman Wazeerud-Din (1998; University of Michigan 2009), resident physician at Atlanta Medical Center.

Ishmail Muhammad (2001; GA Tech 2005), voted Most Outstanding Dunker in College basketball by ESPN the Magazine.

Angail Sharif (2005; Columbia University 2010), recognized as Most Outstanding Graduate of Medical School.

Fatima El-Amin (2003; Harvard University 2007), Senior Child Advocate Attorney at DeKalb County, GA.

Arie Muhammad (attended  Florida A&M University), continues to hold most of the records  at Florida A&M Univ. for women’s  swimming).


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