NMBC 11th Annual Conference the Meca for Business

Bro. David Hasan

In less than two months ,the city of Philadelphia, Penn., will receive a business stimulus as the National Muslim Business Council (NMBC) comes to town with its National Conference.

The organizers and known participants are ecstatic about the place where the conference will be held and opportunities to do “some business.” Business persons from throughout America will be converging on the “City of Brotherly Love” seeking information, comradeship, and worldwide business opportunities and connections.    The organizers of the conference and host city have committed themselves to the goals of:

1) Mobilizing a collective business initiative to provide economic opportunities and community wealth;

2) Solidifying a network of services and support for Muslim owned businesses and their customers;

3) Promoting moral excellence in business;

4) Developing and promoting business strategies for support and investment in the Muslim businesses; and

5) Promoting and securing access to and participation in international economic opportunities.    Imam Noah A.A. Seifullah, a Grand Rapids, Mich., resident said, “We made great social progress and gained an awareness of our economic responsibility under the Hon. Elijah Muhammad. His successor, Imam Warith Deen Mohammed guided that social and economic awareness to acceptance of responsibility to grow and develop the economic strength of the Muslim community.”

He went on to say, “The Philadelphia community will be a showcase of the growth and development of that social and economic strength.”

While the conference and its location is a source of inspiration to attend, David Hasan, President of the NMBC, added, “We must keep our eyes on the vision and mission of our leader and ask yourself, ‘Where were you before Imam Mohammed came to the scene? Where were you before Hon. Elijah Muhammad came on the scene?’

“The importance of this event is that it may mark a significant growth in the commitment of those who attend, to push for the rapid expansion of our personal and collective economic and business development,” said Bro. Hasan.

Imam R. Rasool Malik, a successful businessman in Miami, Fla., said, “We have Believers with nice restaurants, clothing stores, dental offices, lawyers, accountants, doctors, real estate, sales people, property owners, tutors, entertainers, grocery store owners, Halal meat markets, farmers, manufactures, wholesalers, importers, exporters, consultants, organizers and many more fields of business.

“We have Bro. Noah Seifullah (HalalNetwork) and Bro. Akbar who have directories of Muslim businesses. We need to use their directories…” to promote our businesses, said Imam Malik.

Bro. David Hasan added, “We have a great opportunity in Philadelphia to solidify many of the business growth objectives we have sought to achieve throughout the years. I am encouraging every business owner and aspiring business persons to attend this National Business Conference. I am sure they will not be disappointed.”

For more information, visit www.nationalmbc.org or call 704-201-1353.


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