Maturation and Mobilization – “A Need for Fresh Leadership”

Marvin Muhammad- ACGG Southwest Coordinator & Steering Committee Chairperson

By Marvin Muhammad

Today is the time to offer America “Fresh” leadership. A leadership that is neither stale nor raw in its approach to addressing circumstances and solving problems. To mobilize this leadership there are a few concerns that need to be addressed.

  1. Assume the responsibility of being the driver of our own perspective.

Our perspective is influenced by the Qur’an, the Sunnah of Muhammad (PBUH), the leadership of Imam W.D. Mohammed and the leadership of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

It has proven to be effective and productive over the years and is a point of view that promotes the establishment of:

  • Do for Self
  • Model Communities
  • Political Strength
  • Economic Strength
  • And Human Excellence.

The responsibility of maintaining your perspective is on you. Welcome the opportunity to steer your perspective down the road exhibiting and establishing a “Fresh” Leadership.

  1. Visualize Success for the total community.

It is okay to collectively work on more than one concern. We have the tools among us to do this. We have community activist, business people, educators, medical people, religious leaders, lawyers, intellectuals, scientists, political minded people, community developers, architects and more in our community.

Let’s develop our community success visualizing and  galvanizing all of our abilities into a common picture. Demand that all of our interest are addressed properly, maintained correctly, promoted and supported appropriately.

Remember your success is a collective (community) success and my success is a collective (community) success.

Obtaining our goals and constructing the “good Life” as projected by the creator is doable and develops the habit of wanting one another to be successful.




  1. Support one another.


One portion of our job is to serve as foundations for one another. This can be accomplished by providing necessaries, means and funds for conditions and institutions needed for community existence and survival.

The main ingredients for this are kindness and patience. Don’t be so quick to fight and argue over little things, especially the stuff you don’t understand and have little or no control over. Utilize the three warriors, in all situations – Time, Truth and Patience.


  1. 4.      Do Not Walk In Fear! Stay Focused!

Technically, we have taken over an abundance of information, which is not meant for us. Our perspective is meant for us and it provides us with the tools we need to achieve the Good Life.

We must support one another, drive our own perspective and desire success for one another. Be encouraged to serve your creator and establish your life in this country, while performing and serving as leaders of the world.

  1. 5.      Service equals “Fresh” Leadership

To birth a “Fresh” Leadership, as a community, we must have high ideals and these ideals must manifest themselves through tangible achievements.  Historically, under weak leadership our (African-American) successes were translated to mean Ghetto.

However, inspired by “Fresh” Leadership that is service orientated, we have and will continue to work our way out of the ghetto. Service orientated leadership is sufficient for the tasks of self-development and community development.

  1. 6.      Mobilization and Maturation.

As a group we have soaked up all the goodness the creator has provided us. Now is the time to squeeze this goodness out and utilize it to develop circumstances that are profitable to our development and survival.

This activity calls for mobilization and maturation. Take the instructions we have been given, reach out and reflect the diversity we have been blessed with.

Fresh leadership is a must! No stalemates, no selfish ventures and no panic management. Just, good reports, wholesome experiences and the development of campaigns that are filled with assurance, bravery, fearlessness and brilliance.







  1. ASA

    The article was very good reading. I appreciated the effective points that Mr. Muhammad made.

    Mubaashir Uqdah


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