Abdel J. Nuriddin, N.D., Ph.D

By Abdel J. Nuriddin, N.D., Ph.D.
When our ability to take action is enslaved to procrastination, the outcome is usually degeneration or mediocrity. The will to live physically is fostered by the instinctive principle of self-perpetuation that’s inherent in the life germ that makes up each cell in the biological form.
However, the conscious will to be healthy in the biological form carries with it the faculty of choice. It is this “I will to be” or choice that can be enslaved to concepts of limiting belief that stop humans from having the health, wealth and happiness that G-d promised them in the Scripture.
Our perceptions about matters, mostly private, either prohibit or stimulate our will to act. If we say “I can” but in the deep recesses of our souls believe we can’t, then we won’t move with conviction to achieve what we think we can.
Our inherent self-esteem and self-worth which G-d puts into our souls seek to express themselves in an excellent way. However, our ego, that which is a part of our mental makeup, can function in a less than excellent way and influence our will into making poor choices.
Adam, in his excellent human nature, is challenged by iblis, a complex within himself – a complex that thinks it is better than the excellent human nature that G-d made. This complex seeks to get in the way of your righteous and rational choices.
This complex tries to make us believe that living a life that’s less than what G-d expects is acceptable. Iblis knows that all your decisions are influenced by pleasure and pain. Sometimes, we justify being obese, when we think about the pain of losing the weight.
All humans are driven neurologically based upon pleasure and pain. Pleasure and pain as states of consciousness influence every decision we make. We eat or don’t eat based upon pleasure or pain. Even when we fast and we feel the pain of hunger, the pleasure of pleasing G-d is over-riding the pain of hunger.
We may feel the pain of going to work, but the lack of pleasure in being able to pay our bills overrides the pain of going. Paying the bills gives more pleasure for most people than going to work.
In order to free the “enslaved will,” we must learn to make new neurological decisions. The pain of losing weight must become a fantasy pleasurable experience. In order to unlock the will, you must see yourself now with the weight gone.
If you cannot imagine the present appearance changed, then it will never change. Use your imagination with greater excellence and see yourself with your mind functioning better, your body more agile, blood pressure down, blood sugar balanced, no back pains, swelling gone, clothes fitting better, etc.
Realizing that this is mostly mental action, the need to set goals that are time specific and result oriented is crucial. Be reasonable with yourself, but you must take action and this requires unshackling your will.
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