King of Morocco Bestows Highest Honor on Imam Talib Shareef


Washington, D.C. - At the recent Celebration of the Rehabilitation of the Jewish Cemeteries of Morocco: The Houses of Life, held at the U.S. Senate, the Kingdom of Morocco bestowed their highest Royal Medal and honor on Imam Talib Shareef along with the Hon. Rabbi Bruce Lustig, and H.E. Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, for their interfaith leadership and works.

Those in attendance, numbering around 150, were the representatives of his  majesty the King of Morocco, H.E. Serge Berdugo, H.E. Ahmed Toufiq, joined by Senator Ben Cardin, Congressman Andre Carson, Mr. Jason Isaacson, other members of Congress, State Department officials, Senior members of the diplomatic corps, members of the faith communities, and all other distinguished persons.


  1. Peace be on you, All praises are Due to Allah! I think the Muslim Journal should have express this great award as on the Community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed (RA) son of the Great Hon. Elijah Mohammed (RA) whom which Imam Talib stands on their shoulders !!! In which without the community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed he would be among the many others! He himself if in the right mind could have told the King why he was accepting this great award not for Imam Talib but without a doubt for the Community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed!!!!!


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