Journey of the Soul to Roots of New Medinah

New Medinah

28th Annual Islamic Retreat Weekend Where “It’s Easy to Remember Allah”

By Amatullah Sharif
NEW MEDINAH, Miss. – After just getting over a cold and bitter winter in the Midwest, it was great to be traveling to New Medinah (Sumrall, Mississippi) for a very beautiful Memorial Day weekend to attend the 28th Annual Islamic Retreat, May 23 – 25, 2014.
New Medinah lies in Marion County in south Mississippi, about 45 minutes due west of Hattiesburg and just east of the Pearl River – two hours from New Orleans and two hours from the state capital Jackson.
As we shall always remember on Memorial Day the service and ultimate sacrifice our veterans gave for this country, the sacrifice and remembrance of our Muslim ancestors is also woven into the weekend when you go to New Medinah each year.
For me, this was a long awaited journey yearning in my soul to visit New Medinah, where the roots of African American history run deep into the southern soil. And it was on such a good sunny day, as New Medinah ordered up and offered great weather, great hospitality and much more memory making occasions.
The Retreat is for EVERYONE - men, women, boys and girls. The outdoors is truly a breath of fresh air for city children often cramp up for safety inside their city and suburban homes. In New Medinah, you realize that milk doesn’t just ‘appear’ in the refrigerator – farming is a key component for the locals.
The Retreat is also a time to do just that – retreat from the hustle and bustle of a “hurry up and wait” life in the cities. And it is a time to re-create.
Dr. Nasir Ahmad, Imam of Masjid Ansar, of Miami, Florida, was the Khateeb for Jumuah as well as a presenter for a workshop and the Keynote Speaker at the Saturday Night Banquet. He was on triple duty this weekend and is so beloved by the Community of Imam Warith Deen Mohammed.
Imam Furqan Muhammad of Masjid Al Muminun, Atlanta, Georgia, also gave a beautiful workshop and presentation on Marriage.
Ndidi Okakpu of Chicago, Illinois, gave an interactive workshop presentation on Purification of the Heart and was a guest speaker at the annual banquet.
A presentation on AuroraAgra and Economic Opportunities was given by Dr. Rashad Ali and Bro. Nadir Hasan of New Medinah. Dr. Lynne Muhammad of Chicago also presented on education opportunities.
AuroraAgra LLC is a bio-technology marketing and distribution company specializing in patented microbial based agricultural products. Its Mission states: To enable farmers to profitably feed the world on a sustainable basis, in an energy efficient and eco-friendly manner.
Founded by Dr. Rashad Ali and based in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, the company uses its business expertise and relationships to brand, position, merchandise and sell microbial-based compounds and derivatives commonly referred to as natural fertilizers or soil enhancers.
Dr. Ali is a renowned physician and is assisted by his wife Sis. Donna, who has managed their business affairs for many years. Along with AuroraAgra LLC, there is Aurora Media Group as well as their housing developers and non-profit entities.
It is hard to believe that this is already the 28th year of the Community of New Medinah where hard working brothers and sisters purchased acres of land and have built and maintained beautiful homes.
There are fields and pastures for the cultivation of organic fruits and vegetables and halal agriculture, with dairy cows, land grazing chickens that produce healthy eggs – and the list goes on.
The Imam W. Deen Mohammed Board School is a project in progress with great details, including soliciting international exchange students and partnering with local colleges for agricultural majors.
Haven’t been to New Medinah yet? Well now is the time to put it on your next year’s calendar – less than a year away! Once you go, you will be yearning to return year after year. Good things are coming out of the New Medinah families.
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