Abdel J. Nuriddin, N.D., Ph.D

By Abdel J. Nuriddin, N.D., Ph.D.
As we enter the fall and colder climatic conditions, the need to detox the bowel of mucus and undigested protein is one factor to keeping colds and flu away from your health.
Because most of us have been improperly combining our foods and eating processed, cooked and lifeless food our body’s self-healing mechanism has been secreting mucus and storing  toxic waste in the bowel to prevent it from circulating throughout the entire body.
This is a natural process. The problem arises when we are at an extreme, which most people are, who eat as I stated above.
When the body can no longer tolerate the build up of mucus, it creates a flow of the mucus or a cold.
If you suppress or stop the flow of the mucus when you have a cold in time it will lead to the flu or infection and ultimately possible cancer. The cold is the cure.
The respiratory track consisting of the bronchioles, lungs, throat, sinus, etc., is a main track of elimination for the body. Mucus is constantly gravitating to the respiratory track for the purpose of excretion or elimination.
Many times, you notice after the consumption of processed, cooked or improperly combined foods or foods that you have an allergic reaction to that your body will cough the mucus from the throat or blow it from the nostrils.
The drop in temperature can act as a trigger for the release of the mucus. However, sometimes while fasting, the body also gathers enough energy to act as a trigger.
If you understand this principle, you will see the fallacy in “catching the flu.”
If a virus from another person has the opportunity to express itself in your body, it’s because you have the culture in your body for its expression.
Clean up the culture voluntarily and the common flu virus in another loses its power to do you harm.
My recommendation for respiratory cleansing, is first drink plenty of Alkaline (Kangen) Water this will cleanse the bowel and the lymphatic system.
Next use herbs that act as purgatives to remove mucus from the lungs, bronchioles, sinus, etc. Herbs such as Echinacea, Coltsfoot, Horehound, Blessed Thistle, Juniper Berry, Myrrh, Olive Leaf, Yerba Santa.
These are among many herbs that work very well in the respiratory track for cleansing purposes. Lastly, keep fiber and friendly bacteria in the gastro intestinal tract daily to aid in digestion.
Order my recommended cold and flu preventive program today by calling my office at 336-852-3040 and ask for the respiratory cleansing pack.
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