How To Be A Better Person In My Community


By Khadeem Khalifa Barri
5th Grade Student at KIDSMART Homeschool
Son of Khadijah Muhammad

“You are the best of communities, evolved from mankind, enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong and believing in Allah.”  Al-Qur’an, Surah 3, Verse 110.
Prophet Muhammed (prayers and peace be upon him) established a model community in Medina.  He lived around the masjid and supported the Muslim businesses.
Medina was a diverse religious community.  The people were allowed to practice different religions, as long as they were not contrary to Islam.
The Masjid was a place for worship and learning.  Learning was very important to the people of this community, including the education of girls.
In Mecca, girls were often treated poorly.  However, in Medina, Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) encouraged girls to be educated.
Imam W.D. Mohammed said that one of the most important requirements of Muslims is that we be sincere.  He also taught that many of the problems that we face in our African American communities are the result of slavery.
He taught his community true Islam and the Real Allah (SWT).  Imam Mohammed also said for us to follow Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) but not to worship him.  Instead, he taught that we should worship Allah (SWT) alone.
There are many good things about my community.  We have Muslim businesses, food markets and a fitness club. There are also some bad things like people not being sincere and trustworthy, not being active in the community, uncleanness and disunity.
I think there is plenty of room for me to be a better person in my community and it all falls under being a good and righteous Muslim.  If everyone does their part, this could become a great community.
Be the model and people will follow you.  I have decided to pick up trash in my community on Wednesdays.  Also, I will try to be a good example to other males by going to the masjid to pray as much as possible. I hope that others will follow.
By following what Allah (SWT) says in the Holy Quran about being the best community, learning from the example of our Prophet and by listening to the teachings of Imam Mohammed, together we can make this a great community.



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