Graduation Season for Khadija Al-Ghani Graham and Amira al-Ghani Evans

Khadija al-Ghani Graham

By A. Abdullah Hilal
CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Sis. Khadija al-Ghani Graham and Sis. Amira al-Ghani Evans are among the students who graduated from college this year.
Sis. Khadija, who is the daughter of Sis. Salwa al-Ghani, received a Bachelor of Education degree in Deaf Studies from California State University - Sacramento on May 23.
Sis. Amira, the daughter of Sis. Safiyya al-Ghani, received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism, with an emphasis in Marketing, from Hampton University in Hampton, Va., on May 11.
Both graduates are the grandchildren of Bro. Hasan al-Ghani and Sis. Khadija al-Ghani, pioneer members of the association who now reside in Charlotte.
Bro. al-Ghani is a respected businessman who has been successful in business ventures both as a manager of business efforts in our community and as an entrepreneur. His wife is a retiree from United Airlines.
Both grandparents expressed how proud they are of their granddaughters’ accomplishments and see this as a confirmation that Allah’s Promise to bless our efforts to strengthen our families and communities is real and continues to bear fruit in this generation.


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