Former Principal of Muhammad School Releases Book to High Acclaim


Dr. Malikah Salaam-Ambolley’s book, My Life Journey, chosen by The Literary Book Club of Newberry, S. C., for their first of the year read, even before Hidden Figures.

By Daarina Abdul Mateen

“Iqra…, Read!” Qur’an, Surah 96 
Dr. Malikah Salaam-Ambolley and her family are no strangers to me. As an educator, I have known her over 35 years. She is not a stranger to the Muslim Journal either, as over the years she has kept us informed of the many contributions and recognitions of her family, all of whom attended Muhammad Schools.

One of the prouder moments that she has shared included the recognition of her son, Ephraim Mateen Salaam, a 13-year veteran with the National Football League (NFL), by the U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton at a State Department’s Eid Celebration in Washington, D.C., held in honor of Muslim athletes.

Dr. Salaam-Ambolley has a passion for education. She has spent 35 yeas as an educator. After her retirement from the Los Angeles Unified School District, Division of Adult and Career Education, she returned to Atlanta, Ga., where her commitment to education has never been greater. She continues to offer her expertise to students at Cedar Grove High and as a selected judge for the Senior Projects at WD Mohammed High School in Atlanta... Read Mar. 17, 2017's Issue Here.


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