For Children, Youth and Young Adults… Help Us Re-Write History – Part II


By Amatullah Umrani

Prophet Musa reminded his people to review their history as a reminder of past struggles, but also of the favors of Allah. (Quran 14:6)

The Hon. Elijah Muhammad taught, “Of all our studies, history is best qualified to reward our research.”
Research of the past usually involved examination of several sources from which one could draw conclusions, observations or thoughts.

Today, when we do an internet search, we find that many entries have originated from the same source. There is ease in getting information, but there is ease in false information being spread.

Being at the top of the Google search list or being on Wikipedia does not make it true. Early in life, you will begin finding that certain things presented as “facts” are not, and theories may be disproved... Read Mar. 10, 2017's Issue Here.


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