First Black Astronaut Remains a Forgotten Pioneer NASA Barely Mentions Robert H. Lawrence Jr. During Anniversaries, Memorials


Robert Henry Lawrence, Jr. was the first African-American selected as an astronaut by the USAF. (USAF/Wikimedia Commons).

By Erick Johnson
Chicago Crusader/NNPA Member

Two historic events that changed America occurred 50 years ago. While many will remember the 50th anniversary of the failed Apollo 1 space flight, an equally historic event that affected Black America remains largely forgotten.
The 50th anniversary of the tragic death of America’s first Black astronaut, Major Robert H. Lawrence, will perhaps go unnoticed in 2017. Lawrence was a determined individual whose career into space never got off the ground. Like the three, White astronauts who perished during a fire on the Apollo 1 flight, Lawrence’s dreams of orbiting the earth also ended in tragedy... Read Mar. 10, 2017's Issue Here.


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