Especially for Children and Young Adults Ramadan Renewal


By Amatullah Umrani
Fasting as a religious and health practice was and is observed by various people around the world. In this column, children and non-Muslims were previously encouraged to join in the spirit of the fast.
Those individualized and voluntary actions serve to benefit the individual's self-discipline and spiritual life.
We must clearly state and stress that for the Ramadan fast as a duty in the religion, there are strict guidelines. If you are not fasting strictly due to age, insha Allah, you will complete that fast when you are older.
Quoting Imam W. Deen Mohammmed: “... Fasting is for increasing your purity and perfecting your obedience to your G-d; fasting is for Allah (swt) ….” (Muslim Journal, June 9, 2017, p.15)
If you start early with respect for and getting into the spirit of any requirement of the religion, it will flow naturally when you reach the age where it is required. This is true for any action where you have the advantage for advance preparation... Read Jun. 16, 2017's Issue Here.


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