Abdel J. Nuriddin, N.D., Ph.D

By Abdel J. Nuriddin, N.D., Ph. D.

The health of mankind has always been a major issue to human beings since the commencement of human evolution. However, the human race’s inability to procreate has never been an issue as a whole. Sexual dysfunction has always been an isolated matter on behalf of men and women. And so it is today.

Allah has clocked into the human cell the concept of self-perpetuation. Under this concept comes the aspect of reproduction, adaptation and steady state control. The concept of self-perpetuation and its related aspects that are built into the cell is designed to protect the human being from extinction.

The human being’s inability to engage in the sexual act because of sexual dysfunction is of the utmost importance to most people. During marriage, when the instinctive desire for sex is still active, but the body won’t respond, then the natural inclination for humans is to look for substances to stimulate the process.

The magnetism between the masculine and feminine gender of life is a powerful driving force that can at times push logic out of the way. The sensation of sexual expression can only be found in the sex act.

Because of its power for expression, one must be careful that the substance used, in dysfunctional cases, for restoration is not life threatening or harmful to the overall health.

To date, women don’t seem to have this problem. However, frigidity is a common problem that many women face. When the wife is in this state, which healthy women don’t want to be in, the husband must be cautious about his use of any stimulating substance.

As a spouse, you don’t want to stimulate your body and can’t get it satisfied at home. The need for communication along the lines of sex between husband and wife cannot be overstated. If you don’t feel the desire anymore, you need to let your spouse know it and seek help if you both want to stay sexually active.

In matters such as this, you must communicate to your spouse because the rest and release of stress that comes from the sexual act is desired in a normal body. If he/she wants to engage in sex and you don’t have the desire, let them know that there is something wrong with your body’s response, so they won’t think you have refused them. But seek help.

A few years ago, Viagra was approved by the FDA for use in the United States in cases of male impotence. Its use is proclaimed to be successful in most men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), the medical term for impotence, which is associated with a number of physical and psychological medical conditions.

It is designed to improve blood flow to the male organ, as a result restoring sexual function in most patients. The question is has it been safe? To date, numerous deaths have been associated with its use.

A warning is on its label to protect the manufacturer from legal ramifications should someone die in the process of its use. I don’t believe that everyone that will fail to heed the warning is unintelligent, but I do believe that the rationale and reason can become hostage to desire in the face of sexual expression.

If the FDA mandates that the manufacturer must caution the user, it seems to me that abstinence from it is in the best interest of the prospect. Roulette is not a game that rational people of faith play.

Because the minds of so many people have been degenerated today, the business and commercial industry realizes it can perpetuate just about anything on the American and world public.

The public expression of sex carries with it no shame today, and through its influence the masses are victimized. So now with the eye of the public open, they sell the masses destruction in the name of health, and the masses accept it as normal.

Millions of dollars are required to be spent on research for drugs to be patented in this country. Once the research is complete, even if the drug will kill under certain circumstances, because the lobby on behalf of pharmaceutical companies is so strong the drug gets approved for use until too many die.

There are herbal formulas that have been used by every people in every culture on this earth since man can remember to address male impotence and female frigidity. These formulas were safe yesteryear and they are safe today.

But because herbs or natural substance cannot be patented because they belong to Allah (creation or nature), the money isn’t spent for research and development.

So these remedies are not yet massively known today in this country.  For great male and female formulas without side effects, call my office. These formulas are less expensive than Viagra or other drugs. The need for humans to use lecithin, which is a great source of phosphorous to feed the brain, cannot be understated.

Sometimes the sexual dysfunction is coming from the psychological side of the life, or the hormonal system may be out of balance. And phosphorus is needed to stimulate the brain’s sexual function. However, your body may be in need of some basic therapeutic attention also.

Using your organic substances is the best way to satisfaction without complication. Remember, if you are an older person, your heart won’t take the same exertion as when you were young, if you have not been physically active. So don’t over do it.

For nutrition for impotence and frigidity, call 336-852-3040.


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