CLF Jumuah

ATLANTA, Ga. – The community of Muslims are all abuzz about the recently held Community Life Forward Conference (CLF) held in Atlanta over Independence Day Weekend this year.
As the cover photo display and page 13 of this issue of Muslim Journal reflect, from the White House and Halls of Congress to the Muslim scholars and historians and businesspersons, the rooms of the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel were filled with talent.
Congressman Keith Ellison set the tone with a directive to Muslims, including his presence at a fund-raiser to assure his return to the U.S. Congress. The White House Public Engagement Office was represented by D. Paul Monteiro.
Among the organizers and presenters at the CLF event were Imams Saafir Rabb II, Rahman Khan, historian Precious Muhammad, and business persons Anika Khan and Waleed Shamsid-deen.
Spiritual leadership was clearly exhibited with the attendance of Imams from coast-to-coast, including Imam Naim Shah II, Imam Mansour Sabree, Imam Tariq Najeeullah, Imam Talib Shareef and others. Furthering the educational exchange were persons like Scott Abdul-Salaam, Mubarakah Ibrahim, and AZIZAH Magazine Editor Tayyibah Taylor.
The Lambert family were prominent, along with Sis. Intisar Rashid, Professor Intisar Rabb, and one of the guest presenters  Ms. Acacia Bamberg Salatti, Deputy Director for the Center for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships.
The resulting influences of the weekend conference are still unfolding and will be presented through the Muslim Journal.


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