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Vol. 36, No. 51, September 16, 2011


"Exodus To Genesis"

By Abdel J. Nuriddin, N.D., Ph.D.


Most people don’t know how important actual identity is related to overall health.


When the human being thinks his or her mind and body are their only and true identity, as opposed to them being tools that he or she uses, then that human has an identity problem.


The true identity of the human being is the spirit or the soul of the person.

The mind is a tool that the person uses to discriminate, judge, deliberate, rationalize and reason with. The body is the human physical form of expression to the external world.

While spirit, mind and body all make up the entire organism, the most accurate description of this "being" of the human is spiritual. The inaccuracy of identity comes in because, as humans, we say "I" for our bodies and our minds.


To say "my body" or "my mind" is to state that something else posses or has authority over mind and body, which is true. It is "you the spirit" that should control the mind and the body.


Having in mind the correct identity of ourselves and then unity between spirit and mind are what bring happiness and health into our lives.


Love, caring and sharing are spiritual characteristics that emanate from the human being, when there is unity between the soul and the mind of the person.


When the mind is filled with greed, selfishness, envy, jealousy, etc., then the mind and the soul lose their unity, and this disorientation leads to unhappiness.


This unhappiness comprises servitude, grief, apathy, boredom, resignation and the like in the life of the person. These states of consciousness translate themselves into sickness in the human body.


When the body becomes ill with disease, most times we look to the body by treating it to satisfy the problem. Most people don’t realize that the real problem is a lack of unity between their mind and their spirit first.


It does not mean that we should not treat the body, but to neglect the disorientation between mind and spirit will only bring about a reoccurrence of the problem.


The mind’s irrational behavior, such as with selfishness or over indulgence, is not accepted by the soul or spirit without consequence. The spirit’s vibration will be disorder or disease within the body.


The spirit will only accept good or what’s useful from the mind to harmonize with. This leads to peace, happiness and health in the body.


Proper relationships between parent and child and student and teacher are very critical to the health of the person. As parents, we procreate to perpetuate our specie.


However, the mind that comes into existence as a result of that process is here by the Grace of Allah and could be of greater benefit to humanity than the parents mind. We should not force our desire for the child on the child which might lead to disorders in the life of the child.


The child’s soul must find its happiness through its own conscience or the child’s mind may suffer disorientation. I know this is difficult to accept, because we want the best for our children – but this is true.


Our teachers in life are necessary, but they must not seek to override the conscience of the student. As parents and teachers, we must know where our jurisdiction stops.


If the mind and the spirit are in unity, then G-d will lead that soul to its destiny. Our job can only be to direct the mind of the child or student toward the good that G-d would have it to express. Remember the soul only accepts good, and it rebels against evil.


The beginning of all health, whether emotional, mental or physical, is in first having the proper identity of yourself. Then unity between mind and spirit.


Prayer and meditation are for your soul, and your soul knows what and how much it is being fed. Keep harmony between your soul and mind through accurate thinking, regular prayer and meditation.


Eid Mubarak!


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By Abdel J. Nuriddin, N.D., Ph.D.

It seems as though the younger human beings are, the more they take good health for granted. And yet the older we get, the more we realize that enjoying this life in its fullness depends heavily on having good health.

The need or want for good health is not an option that is consciously considered by humans when faced with the total reality of human life.

Allah has placed in our souls a natural inclination for health, even if we see all other people in our environment sick. In our best state of mind, we don’t want to be sick, even if our loved ones are.

Our nervous systems naturally move us away from pain toward pleasure.  

Yesterday’s habits have produced today’s state of health, and today’s habits will produce tomorrow’s state of health. The only way of overcoming the fear of being sick in the future is in developing today new habits that produce health.

Health and sickness are based on natural law or cause and effect. When we have good habits of regular exercise and rest, this helps tremendously in preserving our health.

When our diets consist of plenty of clean water and good nutrients, our body will mold itself to this influence in a healthy way. Contrary to this, poor habits of exercise and rest, too little clean water and proper nutrients will produce a weak body that is susceptible to sickness.

When you want to have good health, exercise is a must and not optional. Rest and relaxation are not optional, when you want a healthy life. Having knowledge of proper nutrition and utilizing it is not optional when you want good health.

What is more important, your schedule or your health? What is more important, money or your health? What is more important, you living a healthy life with your family – or them having to live without you? 

Don’t let your ignorance contribute to your destruction. Educate yourself and then take action

I love pancakes with blueberries and honey, with turkey sausage, eggs and oatmeal. I could have that type of breakfast perhaps three times per week. However, I realize that that meal consists of a lot of calories and a lot of acid, which means it will produce negative effects on my body.

Also there is not a lot of good nutrition in that meal. Approximately 30 minutes after this meal, I will need at least two eight-ounce glasses of clean water to assist in digestion, to prevent dehydration of the internal organs.

It is foolish to think that you can eat red meats, poultry, fish, potatoes, pasta, bread, sweets and cooked foods and dairy products and have good health without burning these calories with strenuous exercise. And even after you burn the calories, you will still have the acid from the foods. 

Hypertension, diabetes, cancer and obesity, are all related to lack of exercise and poor diet. The body has been built to endure heavy exertion, but it has not been built to endure a poor diet.

It can endure more exercise than what most people think, until they get engaged. A poor diet starts to take its toll upon consumption.

Start today and exercise your body regularly, until it develops where it experiences pleasure with exhaustion after your workout. Begin today to eat more fresh foods, such as fruits and vegetables and less cooked and processed foods.

Eat grapes and citrus fruits and apples daily.  Take as much of the bread, milk, sugar and anything that won’t grow if you planted it in the ground out of your diet particularly if you have a disorder.

The stronger you make your body, the better you handle stress. The stronger you make your body, the faster the recovery time and the more work you can endure.

The weaker the body, the more rest you must get and the longer the recovery time.

Good nutrition, exercise and rest are the keys to optimal health. To enjoy the fullness of this life, good health cannot be optional.

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By Abdel J. Nuriddin, N.D., Ph.D.
The fact that high blood serum cholesterol levels have been linked to coronary heart disease (CHD) for the past four to five decades should send a serious message to most people about the eminent possibility of heart attack and stroke.
But it hasn’t, because the rate of heart disease is climbing annually and seems that caution is just a byword for many people. The sudden shock of a heart attack, by the victim, or an associate of one who has been victimized by this prevalent disease is extremely traumatic for all concerned.
I sense Allah always warns people through symptoms before the full effect of the disorder is present. As a conscious thinking being, you should always recognize pain and mild discomfort as a messenger warning you of present or something coming that’s wrong in your body.
Should your life, created by Allah, be a life that should be totally free of sickness?
Answer: Yes. However, it’s today’s lifestyle that has the illusion of ill health as a natural order set up by your Creator. The cell of the human body has been created with the innate ability to adapt, to any natural climate, on any continent of this planet and remain healthy.
However, the cell does not have the ability to be misused without losing its balance, irrespective to whose cells they are. This is natural law. The loss of cellular balance will ultimately lead to sickness and ill health anywhere in the universe.
Plasma cholesterol concentrations are a main factor in coronary heart disease (CHD).The greater the concentrations of plasma cholesterol, the greater the risk for CHD.
Most if not all studies today suggest the reduction of serum cholesterol and serum low density lipoprotein (LDL) (saturated fat) to insure the reduction of sudden cardiac arrest or stroke.
In the past and in most cases today, the medical industry has had a two-phased approach to addressing CHD. Phase one used change of diet and exercise.
Phase two was and is about using drug intervention as its therapy in its attempt to arrest this problem. However, it has been to no significant avail.
Drugs, such as pravastatin, lovastatin, and fluvastatin which are cholesterol-inhibiting, are being used to lower blood serum cholesterol levels. But in addition, they carry strong side effects, from reported loss of the sex drive to over sleeping.
With the advent of a resurgence of naturopathic and homeopathic therapy, the general public is beginning to look at natural methods to tackle and conquer this number one killer that affects the American public today.
The use of fiber therapy in addition to exercise and diet is showing itself to be the most effective means of control for this upward moving disease.
Dietary supplementation is fastly becoming the norm in America, and the medical industry is shifting in its attitude, in the face of fiber therapy’s recent acceptance by the public related to CHD.

The use of fiber supplements have been used in studies on patients with high cholesterol levels. And in some cases in less than three months cholesterol levels have been drastically reduced.
One study monitored patients for total cholesterol, low density lipoprotein, high density lipoprotein (friendly cholesterol), triglyceride, and cardiac risk.
The results of the study determined that very high reductions in serum total cholesterol (14.9 percent) and serum low density lipoprotein (17.9 percent) were achieved in the first 60 days of using the fiber supplement.
High density lipoprotein increased (30.1 percent) significantly, while triglycerides decreased (30.7 percent). The study is pointing highly to a significant reduction in cardio-vascular risk (36 percent) in the HDL, LDL risk ratio.
Can we make claims?
Answer: We wouldn’t dare, but the facts speak for themselves. We know today that obesity, diabetes, smoking and hypertension can influence CHD. However, serum cholesterol seems to have the strongest correlation.
Plant fibers action for reduction of serum cholesterol build up combines with the bile salt-cholesterol molecule for transport out of the body.
Science has revealed that some products like guar gum and pectin have a greater affinity for bile salts, and therefore they have a greater ability to reduce circulating cholesterol.
These two resins are believed to increase the resistance for absorption of cholesterol at the intestinal wall.
The lists of studies have become endless in the pursuit of answers to coronary heart disease, and progress is being made.
However, I believe we must become conscious of three major factors, if we intend to escape the fate of those who are ignorant to causes of cardiovascular disease:
1) We must supplement fiber in our diets daily along with other high cholesterol fighting supplements.
2) Exercise at least three times per week for at least 20 minutes per time reaching your targeted heart rate for your age.
3) Reduce the intake of saturated fat, salt and sugar.
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By Abdel J. Nuriddin, N.D., Ph.D..
The human body must have a clean culture for good health. This comes first in the body’s ability to digest food and eliminate waste.
The body has a natural respiration (energy making system) to it that insures its health. The act of consumption of clean air, water and food is vital in this process.
In addition, the elimination of unused food or waste after metabolism
is also a part of the body’s respiration process. When elimination
is not commensurate to consumption, then the body’s overall respiration process will be disturbed and a cellular fatigue will follow.
A diet high in fiber will give our bodies a chance to breath properly
by expediting elimination. Regular exercise is indispensable and will add to the body’s consumption of oxygen and give our bodies more effective respiration.
The colon or intestines is the body’s sewage system. As in any sewage
system, if not kept open and clean, then complications will arise.
If we permit the toilets in our houses to become congested with waste that should ultimately end up outside the house in the city’s sewage system, then the health of those in the house will be in jeopardy.
A lack of elimination because of constipation or compacted un-expelled waste also puts the person at risk.
This waste has no benefit in being reabsorbed by a healthy blood stream. And the culture of the body must be clean to insure health. The blood stream carries the nutrients and waste to and from the cells.
The blood represents the prevalent culture of the body. Its cleanliness
or lack thereof is critical to the overall health of the entire organism. The first step to having a clean culture or blood stream in the body is in having a clean bowel.
If everything that goes into the body is eliminated expeditiously or transit time were no more than 12 to 24 hours, there would be

no need for conscious voluntary
cleansing or colonics and enemas. However, this is not always the case.
Undigested foods have a tendency to become trapped in the body, when the colon muscle action is restricted. Low fiber intake, inadequate amounts of water, lack of exercise,
rest and lower back muscle
congestion are all primary reasons for most of this food entrapment.
As a result, this trapped food spoils, rots and becomes toxic. The blood stream carries
it to all the cells in the body and this leads to serious fatigue among other things. The cells in the body must function properly, in terms of energy making and generating heat, in order for the entire body to have optimal health.
The act of conversion or lack of conversion of raw materials
(nutrient rich food) into a usable form by the body is responsible for growth, maturity
and death of the organism.
Metabolism primarily involves two aspects – anabolism
and catabolism. Anabolism
has to do with the building
up process, and catabolism has to do with the disintegration
or tearing down processes.
Anabolism is the process of converting ingested elements into parts of protoplasm or the basis of all living activities, such as assimilation, growth, secretion and reproduction.
Catabolism is the process of breaking down substances
into fundamental parts of which the results in most cases is excreted. These processes
work better in a clean culture or environment, when the blood is healthy and rejuvenating
to the cells.
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By Abdel J. Nuriddin, N.D., Ph.D.
Allah revealed to Muhammed the Prophet (PBUH): Out of all the things He has given to the sons of Adam, the Fast is for Him (Allah).
The beauty, serenity, happiness and peace that accompanies the spiritual awakening one will experiences during the Blessed Month of Ramadan is beyond one person’s collective explanation.
It is something one must experience for him/herself to really know its benefits. Abstaining from food drink and sex during the daylight hours, reading of the Qur’an daily, the extra prayers one engages in become stimulants to this awaking process.
Allah tells us in the Qur’an, the Fast has been given to us to teach us self-restraint. In addition, there are great health benefits (side effects) attached to the fast that are also blessings from your lord.
Many people as they begin the Fast will not sense a loss of strength at all. In fact, they will begin to feel stronger. This is not an unusual experience. In the medical sense, a fact that has been observed in thousands of invalids is that instead of losing strength while fasting, they gain it.
Invalids who were growing weaker on so-called nourishing diets, that are commonly advised, will frequently begin to grow stronger as they start to fast. The paradox that we see, of sometimes the weakest person deriving the greatest benefit from a period of abstinence, is a reality.
The weakness is not due to a lack of food but in many cases to a toxic state of the body.
The idea most popular is the weak must be built up. They are told they are too weak to fast. Even while the person is steadily growing weaker on what is called good nourishing food, it is assumed the food build-up must go on. Sometimes, this is a great error.
Even when the patient is in the bed without the ability to turn over, in pain, with fever and getting weaker as the days past because they are unable to digest their food, many
physicians believe we must keep feeding.
If you feed the person abundantly, will they recover? Sometimes they will, but the feeding is not the cause of the recovery. If they die at this critical time, over feeding could be the cause of death.
Will fasting save their life? Not always, but sometimes they have a better chance for recovery with supervised fasting than eating.
It is a popular belief that man is heavily dependent on food supplies every few hours, and if he misses a few meals he will get weak and die. Well or sick, contemporary man is expected  to eat three meals per day.
We are to be deaf and blind and silent to the distress signals we are receiving and continue to eat despite them. If there is no desire for food, eat anyway. If there is an acute repugnance for food, disregard it. If there is nausea, eat!
If digestion is impaired and impossible, eat anyway. If a person has cancer, they may not want to eat – but that is the exception.
Thousands of people are feed to death annually in hospitals, nursing homes, and at home by well meaning persons who are ignorant of the regenerative properties of fasting,
Herbert M. Shelton points out in his book, titled Fasting Can Save Your Life, “In the animal world, fasting is a tremendously important factor of existence. Animals fast not only when sick or wounded but also during hibernation or aestivation.
He also states, “Animals also survive forced fasts during periods of drought, snow, cold, and live for long periods when no food is available.”
Further, relevant to man, he says, “In mankind, fasting has been practiced in various parts of the world over centuries for religious reasons, for self-discipline, for political purposes and as a means of restoring health. Only in recent centuries has the concept that we must eat to keep our strength become a deeply entrenched idea.”
One of the greatest side effects of the Ramadan Fast is the detoxification process. As the body is free of having to digest, it has more strength to cleanse and detox itself. It seems as though the more rest the internal organs get, the greater their ability to heal themselves.
The human body is designed upon the pattern of dynamism (Fitra). Dynamic activity leads to dynamic rest, and dynamic rest leads to dynamic activity.
For example, if you watch children, they are in motion from the time they get up until the time they go to bed. When they go to sleep, it’s like they are in a coma. The more dynamic their activity, the deeper is their sleep. The deeper their sleep, the more dynamic is their activity.
Our internal organs are on this same pattern: The more rest you give them, the stronger they become.
Fasting does not heal your body; the body is always in the process of healing itself, if it has the strength. Fasting merely affords the climate the body needs for self-healing to take place. Fasting will not heal a broken bone or repair gum disease or get rid of tumors, but the body has the ability to correct these problems naturally, when the conditions are ripe in it.
Fasting will detox the blood stream of impurities that circulate throughout the body, which ultimately cause the metabolic processes to restrict vital functions, such as sleeping adequately, thinking sharply, remembering, seeing, hearing, etc.
The body will provide us with all these functions in an optimal sense, if we will give it a chance. Fasting clears the way for the body to work upon itself.
Weight loss also is a side effect of the Ramadan Fast. Just by virtue of the fact that most of us will be consuming less calories, the weight most likely will be reduced. And we are cautioned not to be gluttonous at the breaking of the Fast each day.
The clearing of the complexion, skills of concentration sharpened, more effective management of one’s affairs are all positive side affects of the Ramadan Fast.
A nutritious Sahoor Meal before day-break will be helpful in directing the body toward cleansing and regeneration. A good vitamin and mineral supplement will help stimulate the immune system. A green drink will help in the detoxification process and assist in digestion.
Exercise some, if possible, but you don’t have to over do it; the body wants the rest. You don’t want to spend the entire Fast sleeping, but when you feel the need, rest.
Keep the Fast, read the Qur’an and keep up prayers. And if it is Allah’s Will, you will have a great Ramadan. Ramadan Mubarak!
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