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By Bill Chambers
(Photos by Bill Chambers)
CHICAGO, Ill. – On Fri., July 28, 2017, over 400 Chicago Muslims, Palestinians and their supporters rallied and marched to protest restrictions on access to the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.
Muslims from multiple mosques throughout the area listened to Muslim and non-Muslim speakers – all critical of suppression the Israeli government placed on access to al-Aqsa Mosque.
The area in Jerusalem including al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock, known to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary and to Jews as the Temple Mount, has been has been under occupation by the Israelis since East Jerusalem was captured in the 1967 war.
The site is managed by the Islamic Waqf religious authority who has had to resist Israeli encroachments on the site ever since.
Current problems began when two Israeli policemen died after three Palestinians reportedly opened fire on them near the al-Aqsa compound. As collective punishment, Israeli authorities installed metal detectors at the gates and restricted access to al-Aqsa even during Friday jummah... Read our latest issue Here.

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By Ayesha K. Mustafaa
NEWARK, N.J. – In the last issue of Muslim Journal, Imam Mustafa EL-Amin reported that his mother, Ms. Annie King, suffered from a brutal beating the 85-year-old sustained in her home in a robbery attempt from a person she tried to help, giving him odd jobs.
Imam EL-Amin now informs us that his beloved mother, Ms. King, as succumbed to the injuries she sustained because on that beating in her home.
She passed nearly two weeks after the tragic event. Her neck and face were bruised with multiple fractures to her face.
Funeral arrangements are planned for Aug 8 11 a.m., at Wells Cathedral Church of God in Christ, 672 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., in Newark... Read our latest issue Here.

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Civil rights activist Najee Ali, one of the leading activists in Los Angeles and CEO of Project Islamic Hope, along with Pastor K.W. Tulloss, Western Regional Director of The National Action Network L.A. Chapter, Weller Street Baptist Church and a national coalition of civil rights and religious leaders, are calling for a boycott of the National Football League (NFL) until former San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick is signed to a NFL team.
Protests are also planned outside games/facilities of the L.A. Rams’  (owned by Stan Kroenke) and L.A. Chargers’ (owned by Alex Spanos) pre-season games.
According to press release from Najee Ali, “There is no doubt that Kaepernick is being blackballed by NFL owners for exercising his first amendment rights in a non-violent peaceful statement... Read our latest issue Here.

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By Leila Diab
A quintessential mélange of thoughts and artistic phrasing, “This is Not a Border” is a publication sealed with the reality of historical truth.
“This Is Not a Border” shares the contributions of literary artists and their life experiences and struggles that were void of any possibilities of freedom, hope, and the dream of belonging.
Pal-Fest celebrated the tenth annual Palestine Festival of Literature with its publication, “This Is Not A Border,” a book of essays which went on sale July 18, 2017.
The book is edited by co-founders Adhaf Soueif and Omar Robert Hamilton and written by several of the world’s most distinguished literary artists.
They converged and shared their literary, artistic and theatrical talents with readers and writers in a harmonious realm of literature... Read our latest issue Here.

By Hameem Habeeb
Qur’an 6:11: “Say, travel in the earth….” El-Hajj Malik Shabazz, Dec. 27, 1964: “Well, I’ve done a lot of traveling and I think over all travel does broaden one’s soul.”
DAKAR, Senegal – Becoming an international citizen is a byproduct of practicing Al Islam. The obligation to travel internationally for the sake of Allah at least once in your life if affordable is a deep desire of every conscious Muslim. Once that obligation is fulfilled, the whole world beckons to be explored and understood.
The practice of Islam by the association of Imam W.D. Mohammed, Allah’s mercy on him, previously under the auspices of the Nation of Islam had rank and file members hobbled in their ability to travel.
NOI members had to acquire “travelling letters” from an NOI administration official to even travel from Buffalo to Detroit. Under the Muslim freedom movement ignited by the Imam WD Mohammed, the association members began to travel the four corners of the globe and return with insights, greater energy and motivations to take the Muslim Model Community concept to its next logical conclusion.
Given the opportunity and the occasion, this writer made a recent trip to Senegal and its city of Dakar, the home of arguably two of the most famous enslaved Africans on this continent, Job Ben Solomon – born Ayyub ibn Sulayman ibn Ibrahim around 1702 – and Omar ibn Sayyid born 1770... Read Jun. 16, 2017's Issue Here.

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By Martha Nailah

TAMPA BAY/ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – The month of Ramadan this year saw the fruits of a relationship nurtured over a year with the Hon. Rick Kriseman, Mayor of St. Petersburg, and The Tampa Bay Area Muslim Association, chaired by Abdul Karim Ali.
The first objective in initiating a relationship with the mayor and his staff over a year ago was to have a community-wide IFTAR to be held at the historic Coliseum, Wed., June 14, at 7 p.m. (Muslim calendar - RAMADAN 19, 1438 AH).
This relationship includes Muslims of diverse backgrounds developing intra-relation of the Muslim body of The Tampa Bay Area.  This included Masjid Sunnah, St. Petersburg Islamic Center, Ministry of Askia Muhammad Aquil, Masjid of Sarasota, the Nation of Islam and many more of the Muslim Faith composite... Read Jun. 16, 2017's Issue Here.

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By Sabir Kasib Muhammad
(Photos by Nassar Madyun)

ATLANTA, Ga. – Since her appointment last year as Consulting Director for the Mohammed Schools of Atlanta, Dr. Zaheerah Shakir-Khan has spent countless hours examining the current school structure and its feeder system, which is the entire Islamic community of North America.

During this time, Sis. Zaheerah is even more convinced that our schools offer the absolute best opportunity for not only the survival of our community as a well-defined Islamic entity, but also the survival of our children in a world that is designed to do everything in its power to separate them from Islam as their religion.

Our great leader Imam W. Deen Mohammed was blessed not only with great spiritual insight into religion, but also with a unique insight into the future of our community and the need for us to preserve and persevere... Read Apr. 14, 2017's Issue Here.

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MANILA, Philippines – Known as the Pearl of the Orient because of its strategic location on Pacific trade routes and magnificent harbor, Manila was the proud host of the 2017 Global Peace Convention.

Under this year's theme, "Moral and Innovative Leadership: New Models for Peace and Development," peacemakers from 40 nations convened for a powerful 3-day global convention.

Attendees were of every age and various religious, national, cultural, racial and ethnic backgrounds, youth leaders, and experts in business, international development, and education for a unique opportunity to explore critical global issues.

Shared were best practices and the focus was to develop innovative and action-driven solutions to building peace and social cohesion, while strengthening robust multi-stakeholder partnerships... Read Mar. 17, 2017's Issue Here.

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Dr. Malikah Salaam-Ambolley’s book, My Life Journey, chosen by The Literary Book Club of Newberry, S. C., for their first of the year read, even before Hidden Figures.

By Daarina Abdul Mateen

“Iqra…, Read!” Qur’an, Surah 96 
Dr. Malikah Salaam-Ambolley and her family are no strangers to me. As an educator, I have known her over 35 years. She is not a stranger to the Muslim Journal either, as over the years she has kept us informed of the many contributions and recognitions of her family, all of whom attended Muhammad Schools.

One of the prouder moments that she has shared included the recognition of her son, Ephraim Mateen Salaam, a 13-year veteran with the National Football League (NFL), by the U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton at a State Department’s Eid Celebration in Washington, D.C., held in honor of Muslim athletes.

Dr. Salaam-Ambolley has a passion for education. She has spent 35 yeas as an educator. After her retirement from the Los Angeles Unified School District, Division of Adult and Career Education, she returned to Atlanta, Ga., where her commitment to education has never been greater. She continues to offer her expertise to students at Cedar Grove High and as a selected judge for the Senior Projects at WD Mohammed High School in Atlanta... Read Mar. 17, 2017's Issue Here.

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Sis. Khalilah Ali, former wife of the People’s Champ Muhammad Ali with her son, Muhammad Ali Jr., Imam Abdul Azeez of New York and the CNN representative.

By Imam Abdul Azeez

“They try to put out the Light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will perfect His Light even though the disbelievers may dislike it.(Qur’an 61:8)
Imam Dr. W.D. Mohammed, the late Muslim American leader, told Muslims to beware of falling into a pitiful condition of just reacting to Western powers.
In the book, “Reading is Fundamental,” Imam Mohammed is cited, “They are so caught up in studying what the West has done and how the West has been maneuvering and what are the intentions now and for the future . They (Muslims) are so caught up into that, that they can't really do the number one job, and that's to revive the ummah (community), so that it will be strong and safe with G-d."... Read Mar. 10, 2017's Issue Here.


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By Nusayba Hammad, Communications Director, US Campaign for Palestinian Rights ( WASHINGTON, D.C. – In an act unprecedented in recent history, New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand...