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As Dr. Lynne El-Amin Muhammad, the Science Department Chairperson at Whitney M. Young High School, in Chicago, Ill., made a recent visit to the Sis. Clara Muhammad Elementary and High School in Milwaukee.
Displaying the historical building housing the Schools and the Sultan Muhammad Islamic Center, she spoke with Resident Imam and Education Director, Imam Ronald Shaheed. Also present was the Principal of the Clara Muhammad Elementary School.
[two_third]“These are all examples with strong messages that the educators in the Sis. Clara Muhammad Schools of Milwaukee selected to expose and motivate the young students who are being taught to become our future,” related Dr. Muhammad.
Dr. Lynne Muhammad and Imam Ronald Shaheed are discussing the possibility of creating an Academic Olympic opportunity for students attending the Sis. Clara Muhammad Schools.
The historical Schools in Milwaukee are located at 317 Wright Street.[/two_third]


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By Nusayba Hammad, Communications Director, US Campaign for Palestinian Rights ( WASHINGTON, D.C. – In an act unprecedented in recent history, New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand...