AuroraAgra LLC and Aurora Media Group Feeding the Body and the Soul

By D. Shahid Abdul Karim

and Ayesha K. Mustafaa

The plans for this year’s “A Time To Be Grateful” 8th Annual Awards Dinner for Muslim Journal have many highlights and reasons manifesting as to why we are indeed grateful for another year to continue in the work that is aimed at making and leaving the world in better condition that the past year.

The Awardees all are manifestations to that ideal of progressive living and moral responsibility. Legalities do not require that one’s business dealings be morally based nor to the benefit of others. We hear phrases like “greed is good”; “I’ve got my, now you get yours”; or “let’s great a false need and then supply it!”

In a climate where the world’s population is teetering on utter bankruptcy – monetarily, mentally and morally – our late leader, Imam W. Deen Mohammed, left us with his book titled “Islam’s Climate for Business Success.”

In it, he acknowledged that there will be lean years and difficulties, but at the end of the day, the Muslim businessman and woman must hold to their Islamic principles. And when the climate changes back in their favor, their growth will be tantamount to their sacrifices and more.

As Muslim Journal searched for honorees, there were many to consider but none stood up higher in the scale of the ideals Imam Mohammed pointed to in his book than the husband and wife businesspersons – Dr. Rashad and Sis. Donna Ali of New Medinah, Miss.

Rather subtle in bringing light onto their achievements as is representative in their presence among us for decades, the Alis do not project a sense of great fanfare and attention grabbing antics. There is no boasting and beating of the chest. Yet, their reach into the business world has continuously expanded and grew stronger.

While Dr. Ali is a renowned physician and Sis. Donna has managed their business affairs for many years, at this time we will highlight their two most prominent business entities – AuroraAgra LLC and Aurora Media Group.


AuroraAgra LLC

       AuroraAgra LLC  is a bio-technology marketing and distribution company specializing in patented microbial based agricultural products. Its Mission states: To enable farmers to profitably feed the world on a sustainable basis, in an energy efficient and eco-friendly manner.

Founded by Dr. Rashad Ali and based in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, the company uses its business expertise and relationships to brand, position, merchandise and sell microbial-based compounds and derivatives commonly referred to as natural fertilizers or soil enhancers.

To achieve its business objectives, AuroraAgra has entered into a licensing and distribution agreement with a leading producer of natural organic solutions using microbic applications, Bio Soil Enhancers, Inc. (“Bio Soil”) also of Hattiesburg.

AuroraAgra’s relationship with Bio Soil provides for the opportunity to “private label” Bio Soil manufactured products, under the Earth Harvest Brand throughout the entire United States.

Internationally, AuroraAgra also has exclusive rights to market its Earth Harvest products with “Suma Grow” inside, to South Africa, The Philippines, Thailand and The Bahamas.

AuorraAgra’s flagship products are Earth Harvest Organic I.C.Y. and Earth Harvest I.C.Y., the I.C.Y. standing for its promise of Increased Crop Yield for a wide array of agricultural crops. Visit




Aurora Media Group (AMG) is a creative media production company based in historic Hattiesburg, specializing in creative media design and production across all media formats, located at 215 Mobile St. in Downtown Hattiesburg, 39401

The company offers digital audio recording and mixing, video production and editing, graphics and web site design, custom photography, and full-service printing. This is the first one-stop media facility in the Pine Belt region.

The creative team of designers and producers is led by Chief Creative Officer, Anthony N. Johnson, former Director of Production and Operations for Black Entertainment Television. Johnson’s background also includes stints as post-production producer for six nationally televised prime time specials for ABC-News. Clients also include IBM, Motorola, Greenpeace and The World Bank.

Lamar Hall is AMG’s Production Manager, lead videographer, graphics designer and original music producer. Known throughout the region as “Big Red,” Lamar creates beats and music for some of the area’s leading Hip-Hop artists.

Greg Lawrence, aka “GMB,” is AMG’s lead graphics designer, web master and music producer. Greg specializes in delivering first-class creative design for a wide range of clients.

Jazmin Johnson, a recent graduate of USM’s Entertainment Management program, handles customer service for AMG and is a creative force in her own right. An accomplished vocalist and media producer, “Jaz” brings a fresh attitude and dedication to customer satisfaction to the creative team.

Nadir Hasan brings over 30 years of management and production experience to his role as Chief Operations Officer for AMG. He is a longtime entertainment and media executive and is a director of one of the world’s largest and most successful music festivals for more than 30 years. Nadir provides day-to-day guidance and leadership to the team.

Donna A. Ali is AMG’s Chief Financial Officer. Donna brings over 20 years of financial acumen to steady the future and day-to-day finances of the company. She oversees the finance and accounting division’s delivery of real time accounting services and best practices to all AMG’s clients.

Aurora Media Group is led by CEO, Dr. Rashad N. Ali, an accomplished legal expert, entrepreneur, promoter and physician. Dr. Ali has established a media foot print in the Pine Belt region second to none. His vision inspires the company to deliver world class  production services across all media formats and to maintain a state-of-the-art facility to service their growing list of clients.

From flyers to posters, business cards to brochures and all in between, AMG’s new full-service print department is ready and able to service all printing needs. Call 601- 261-0820 or fax 601-296-1688 to schedule an appointment to discuss your next media project!

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