Muslim American Media Alliance (M.A.M.A.) Geared Up to Honor Muslim Journal and WDM Publications in Nation’s Capital

By William Kareem and D. Shahid Abdul –Karim

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Folks are gearing up and preparing to attend the Muslim Journal’s 8th Annual “A Time to be Grateful” Weekend, slated for Dec. 9 – 11, 2011, to be held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Downtown Washington, D.C.

At this time of the year, it is a sheer miracle to secure a Downtown Hotel. Along with the usual tourism and legislative travelers and campaign participants in this presidential election year who come to the Capital, this weekend also falls within the corridor of Christmas parties and celebrations that usually fill up the local hotels.

So with such a miracle working on our side, the Editor of Muslim Journal, Ayesha K. Mustafaa, says: “We are thankful that Allah has given us another year and the opportunity to come to the Nation’s Capital to show our presence and represent our community of indigenous Muslims in such a politically charged season.”

The Editor says, “We are truly honored that M.A.M.A and its Executive Directors are coming to D.C. to present their Keeper of the Light Award to Muslim Journal and to WDM Publication. This is truly an honor.”

The Muslim American Media Alliance (M.A.M.A.) is made up of a group of publishers and broadcasters who are seriously involved in media production across the United States. The Muslim American Media Alliance has come together to give a voice to a community that is under served by the mainstream media outlets.


Recently, at its monthly meeting, the Executive Committee and other members from Muslim Journal, UmmahstreamTV, Taqwa TV, YouRACreator, A New Day For Al Islam In America Radio, the NJ Email Network, and American Muslim 360 concluded that MAMA would create “THE KEEPER OF THE LIGHT” annual award that recognizes media platforms who continue to reflect the philosophy of Imam Wallace D Mohammed’s vision of “The Light Is On.”

M.A.M.A. is proud and humble to announce this year’s awardees from the community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed, who have continued without fail to promote the works and efforts of Imam W. Deen. Mohammed: MUSLIM JOURNAL and WDM PUBLICATIONS. 


In 2011, we clearly see how the media shape opinions and influence the thinking of individuals and communities. It is called the “Opinion Molding” industry. And it is within the spirit of sharing truth with a sober approach of Al-Islam that we present the “Keeper of the Light” award to the organizations that are leading the way in G-d conscious shared by the late Imam W Deen Mohammed.

We encourage all of you to visit and register for your Awards Dinner tickets, purchase your Souvenir Brochure ad space, secure a Vendor’s Booth and reserve your hotel room at the special group rate at the Grand Hyatt before the cut-off date of Nov. 9.

This will certainly be a historical weekend that you will not want to miss. Please plan now, so that you can get the best seat and appropriate room rate for the desired weekend of events! Space is limited!

               M.A.M.A.’s Executive Board is made up of the following individuals:William Kareem, President; Thomas Abdul-Salaam, Vice President; Zakiyah Omar, Secretary; and Toure’ Muhammad, Creative Director.


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